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Mean-Girls Conservatism: How Bitchy, Brainless Blowhards Are Wrecking the Right

And what upright, uptight right wingers can learn from one of the dirtiest minds in comedy today.

Kathy Shaidle


June 11, 2013 - 7:00 am
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We all know how frustrating it is:

Lefties on cable news or on the web (or around the boardroom or dinner table) screaming their faux outrage in fits of what Thomas Sowell calls “moral posturing”:

“Rush Limbaugh called Barack Obama a ‘magic negro!’”
“Jerry Falwell condemned a Teletubby for being gay!!”
“Ann Coulter refused to fly on a plane with a black pilot!!!”

And it’s exhausting, too, having to point out one more time that:

 * Rush Limbaugh was commenting on a black journalist’s description of Obama as a “magic negro” — an established literary trope in liberal academia.

* A writer for Jerry Falwell’s newsletter was simply quoting mainstream media stories about gays who’d already embraced that purple, purse-carrying Teletubby as a “gay icon.”

* That Ann Coulter anecdote was a completely made-up article on a satirical website.

Know what’s even more annoying, at least to me?

When conservatives indulge in the same variety of too-good-to-check rumor mongering and mass pass-it-on hysterics every time a liberal celebrity says — or worse, supposedly says — something dumb.

Let’s call it “Mean-Girls Conservatism.”

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