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Prager University Video: The United Nations Vs. Israel

Discover in less than 6 minutes how an organization founded to protect human rights transformed into a global platform for antisemitism.

Anne Bayefsky


March 8, 2013 - 2:29 pm
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The story of the United Nations and Israel is not only about the United Nations and Israel.  The UN was founded on the ashes of the Jewish people and, according to its Charter, on the equal rights of nations large and small. But it has turned its back on its debt and its purposes, and instead become the leading global sponsor of antisemitism today.  It is no longer possible – in good faith – to legitimize and financially underwrite the organization, and especially its “human rights” apparatus, and to care seriously about the virulent campaign conducted from its midst to destroy its Jewish member.  The 21st century cries out for an alternative multilateral forum for countries that refuse to build an edifice of equality and justice on the inequality of the Jewish people.

Anne Bayefsky is director of the Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust at Touro College. She is the author or editor of 12 books and numerous articles in the field of human rights, and a frequent contributor to newspapers in the U.S., Europe, Israel and Canada.

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There's one small problem with your argument:

You're assuming the UN was even supposed to be a peacekeeping organization and pro-Western from the start. Even at its inception, its goal was to spread Marxism (an inherent threat to the West, and especially to Christians and Jewish people as well). The UN Charter was largely based on the Communist Manifesto, one of the leading founders of the UN was none other than that traitor and Soviet Spy Alger Hiss, and most of the countries it aided were actually largely Communist in nature, with most of the UN Chairmen actually being mostly Soviet, the only exception being one from Austria who was pro-Nazi and a former Nazi himself. I suspect the only real reason the UN even allowed Isarel to exist was to ensure that they had another Communist/Socialist state under their control, not out of any true defense of Western ideals, especially seeing how when it was founded it actually did initially practice some socialistic principles. Of course, fortunately, that all changed nearing the 1960s when Israel abandoned those principles.
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