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Which Doomsday Scenario Is Most Likely To Hit First?

In Obama's Four Horsemen David Harsanyi explains what the President's reelection has wrought.

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February 26, 2013 - 11:00 am

Official Description:

If you were worried about America’s future after the 2012 election, brace yourself—it’s going to be a lot worse than you imagined.

In Obama’s Four Horsemen, award-winning libertarian-conservative journalist David Harsanyi lays out the four great catastrophes that threaten to crush the America we know and love.

What are they?

  • Debt. Forget the fiscal cliff. We plunged over it in Obama’s first term—by $16 trillion—and when we hit bottom, that splat you hear will be our obliterated standard of living. It will be much worse, as Harsanyi shows, than anyone in the media is telling you.
  • Dependency. Welcome to Obamaland, where freedom is the problem, government is the cure, and bureaucrats are corrupting the relationship between government and citizen in ways that will lead us to ruin.
  • Surrender. Remember when America thought of itself as a force for good in the world? Remember when we stood by our allies? Today, the Obama administration kowtows to dictators, apologizes to those who hate us, refuses to defend American ideals, and is actively working to undo our superpower status with potentially catastrophic results.
  • Death. The Democratic Party once proclaimed that abortion should be safe, legal, and rare. No longer. Now abortion is a positive good, to be subsidized and even exported at taxpayer expense. Obama’s Democratic Party is more than the party of higher taxes, spending, debt, and dependency. America’s majority party is now the party of death, with consequences we will soon regret.

Provocative, prophetic, and powerful, Harsanyi shows just how Obama’s four horsemen could trample America into the ground—and what we need to do if we are to have any hope of rising again.****

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Those are underlying concerns but not doomsday events in themselves, aside from perhaps the debt. Debt is problem because it will lead to collapse of the economy, which will mean no money for keeping up infrastructure, police, and the welfare system which will lead to street violence.

Aside from that, the worst that could happen is a collapse of our rickety power grid, several ways that could happen. Several Sandy plus scale hurricanes back to back would also hurt and bad. A new Dust Bowl or other crop catastrophe.

Any of these things would pop the cap off the troubles caused by the for listed in the article, made worse by the debt which would make it hard to pay for recovery. However, it would provide an impetus for the police state, which is really the goal of this administration.

2 years ago
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All four will come, no doubt.
2 years ago
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My money (see what I did there?) is one a combination of debt and dependency. The debt ensures that no one has any money and those who do will be left with money of no value, and those who are dependent will have no clue how to handle that. Things rapidly devolve into chaos and the undermined social fabric of our society - undermined on purpose to foster ever greater dependency mind you - will unravel.



Whether or not this will happen while there is still just enough healthy tissue left to organize and mount a valid response to survive and rebuild is anyone's guess.
2 years ago
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I thought it was going to be a giant comet that's going to wipe out all life that's less than 3000 feet above sea level.
2 years ago
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