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Is a Romantic Relationship Only Official if Declared on Facebook?

Does social networking harm new relationships more than it helps?

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July 3, 2012 - 12:00 pm

via Why You Shouldn’t Update Your Relationship Status [EXPERT] | Christy Goldstein | YourTango.

Why do we put more emphasis on Facebook than we do on our actual relationships?

It has come to my attention that my generation believes if a relationship is not “Facebook official,” then the relationship is not real. This means that if the “in a relationship” box is not checked off on a profile, then the relationship is nonexistent.

When did Facebook take over our lives? Why is it that if something happens to us — whether it’s something funny, sad or mean — we go to Facebook first to let our “friends” know? Why has Facebook taken over our lives, and most importantly, our relationships?

Remember when we had to pick up the phone to discuss something with someone, or discussed the issue in person? While it is great that social networking has advanced, our conversations have become so impersonal that we do not know if a friend’s Facebook status should be taken seriously.

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