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Ed Driscoll

Far Left Activist Calls for Mass Vandalism

August 19th, 2014 - 11:56 am

“Erica Payne, founder and president of the left-wing Agenda Project, is encouraging people to deface the cover of Paul Ryan’s new book, which is hitting shelves today,” Daniel Halper writes at the Weekly Standard:

“Hi Daniel,” Payne writes in an email. “Just a heads up, Paul Ryan’s new book comes out today and his publisher is furious! It turns out that they accidentally shipped it with the wrong cover, and they need your help to make things right.

“We have the correct cover and it’s up to us to get it on as many of his books as possible, as soon as possible. The real cover is right here. Just print it out, take it to your nearest bookstore, and place it over the book jacket. Rep. Ryan is counting on us, let’s not let him down!”

Of course, it’s a lie. Payne is encouraging people to deface Ryan’s book with this phony cover:

Click over to see the Payne’s proposed cover, which vandalizes Ryan’s book with a Photoshop of him — of course — pushing a terrified grandmother in a wheelchair. (Perhaps granny is simply frightened by the growing amount of taxes she’s paying.)

I was also spammed by Payne; as was Scott Johnson of Power Line, who writes that thanks to her proposal, “A window opens onto the left-wing mind:”

Payne is about as funny as cancer. I wrote her back:

Hi Erica: I appreciate your including me on your email distribution, but I think you are encouraging the criminal abuse of property. Are you so desperate to discourage Ryan’s ideas from seeing the light of day?


I’ll post an update if I hear back from her.

Heh. That’s a debate I’d love to observe.

To be fair, at least she’s “only” proposing mass vandalism of a book whose ideas she’s frightened of, unlike San Jose State’s Meteorology Department, which prefers to burn them.

Related: Click here to listen to my interview with Daniel Halper last week on his new book, Clinton, Inc. As we discuss, Halper has also run afoul of the left’s Thought Police with his new book.

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What's next? Drawing Snidely Whiplash moustaches on conservative photos? How 'bout adding devil horns, too, Erica? And an eyepatch! Oh! And a Frankenstein scar! And Dracula fangs!''

In other words, the Left's rebuttal to Ryan's arguments have risen to the level of a 3rd grade boy doodling in his notebook.

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