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Ed Driscoll

Interview: Daniel Halper Goes Inside Clinton, Inc.

August 13th, 2014 - 8:21 pm


“It is the prime function of a really first-rate newspaper to serve as a sort of permanent opposition in politics,” H.L. Mencken once wrote.

Of course, that was in the days before journalists decide to retire from reporting the news to become Democrat operatives with bylines, as PJM’s own Glenn Reynolds has dubbed the MSM. And Bill Clinton himself has admitted as much in one of his more unguarded moments. Which is why it’s so rare and refreshing to see the smoky pitch-black clouds of hate billowing from the ears of the Clintons in response to Clinton Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine, the new book by Daniel Halper of the Weekly Standard.

As the Washington Times reported late last month, spokesmen for Clinton Inc. are warning their fellow Democrats with bylines that Halper’s book should “neither be allowed nor enabled, and legitimate media outlets who know with every fiber of their being that this is complete crap should know not to get down in the gutter with them and spread their lies.” And to facilitate his blacklisting, the Times added, borrowing from an earlier Washington Free Beacon story, former Clinton administration press secretary Mike McCurry is “quietly waging a campaign to quash coverage on Mr. Halper’s book and has ‘successfully blocked Politico media reporter Dylan Byers from writing about’” Halper’s book.

You know you’re over the target when you start receiving that level of flak. Fortunately, Halper is quite prepared to push back. During our 18-minute long interview, he’ll discuss:

● Why are the Clintons openly trying to block reviews and articles about Halper’s new book?

● How are they using Halper’s interviewees against him?

● Does these tactics indicate that Hillary will run roughshod over the First Amendment if elected?

● How did the Clintons get a fellow Democrat at MSNBC suspended – and possibly, ultimately fired?

● What was the lowest ebb of the Clintons, and how did they recover from it?

● How did Bill Clinton become so friendly with both presidents Bush?

● Can Hillary make the case that she would govern any differently than Barack Obama, despite being his former secretary of State?

● How is Hillary actively undermining her husband’s legacy as president?

● What should we look for in the coming months, and after the 2014 midterms conclude, from the Clintons and their cronies?

And much more. Click here to listen:

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Transcript of our interview begins on the following page; for our many previous podcasts, start here and keep scrolling.

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It has certainly been an effective machine, that's for certain. I'd worked for the Trust firm that held the Clinton's money in 2000, when Hillary was preparing to run for the NY Senate seat. Their declared net worth at that time was a bit over $3 million (I'd gotten to see the files).

Today? They're worth over $100 million. Nice ROI, eh?
28 weeks ago
28 weeks ago Link To Comment
WHO, which groups of people, are really paying, have been paying, the Clintons bills?

And for how long have they been doing so?

WHY in 1990 WJ Clinton? From ALL available, able and willing wannabee panting for selection candidates for the "Democratic" PARTY? The decade of the 1990s as Advent to the anticipated appearance of the Messiah, Saviour, of the agenda of the "Democratic" PARTY?

The public rages of Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi at the delay in that appearance because of "That vast Right-wing CONSPIRACY".

WJ Clinton who during the Vietnam War hied to Oxford, sister/brother exclusive university group with Cambridge. Yes THAT Cambridge in the UK. With a little side trip to the then Soviet Union. Government files for Clinton from that era "unavailable".

Since when a quick trajectory in politics of the USA from unknown through bit player as Governor of Arkansas to star of the show. Arkansas, one of those boo-hiss colonies, like Alaska, of the backward flyover states. And even southern?

WJ Cllinton? Surrogate then and since for the Kennedy Bros, the "royals become demi-gods,when Edward proved too chancy for the PARTY?

WJ Clinton Espoused to Hillary Rodham. "Legal Intern" on fhe Watergate investigation team. Left that job early because?

Hillary Clinton a major force in the selection in 2008 of BH Obama for the DNC "because it was time for an Afro-American"

WHY BH Obama of ALL other available, able, willng, eligible in all respects Afro-Americans? BH Obama who made no secret of his hatred for the nation and her peoples? And his desire, once candidate for the DNC intention, to "fundamentally transform" that nation. PERFECT front man for the PARTY of the Cllintons?

BH Obam a bit player if ever there was one with NO adminstrative experience in any enterprise. And with quesitonable provenance. So questionable that his first act on securing "The Office of President" was to SEAL under Executive Order unspecified documents.

That same Executive Order of which he is reported to have said, He "need not concern himself with laws as -He- can always sign an Executive Order to get what he wants".

Are there more things in heaven and earth to the Clintons than are dreamt of in your philosohies Horatio?
28 weeks ago
28 weeks ago Link To Comment
"... more things in heaven and earth to the Clintons than are dreamt of in your philosohies Horatio?"

I don't know the exact answer but I did happen to look down into an outhouse this afternoon and there were certainly many things down there ...
28 weeks ago
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