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Ed Driscoll

Breaking News From 2006

July 30th, 2014 - 3:51 pm

“The authenticity problem: It’s becoming harder for red-state Dems to say what they really believe,” Josh Kraushaar writes at the National Journal. (Link safe; goes to Hot Air): 

But the details in it illustrate the dilemma for Democrats running in conservative states, whose true beliefs probably run counter to a majority of their constituents. That’s been a running theme this election with first-time Senate candidates, such as Nunn and Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, who have assiduously avoided offering policy specifics in favor of bland generalities. Staying on message is akin to lacking any type of message.

When Grimes struggles repeatedly to articulate her views on border security, it’s clear she’s caught between exciting the Democratic base, the source for her impressive fundraising, and winning over moderate voters in Kentucky. When Nunn says she would have voted against Obama’s health care law but avoids talking about any changes she’d make to it, it’s easy to assume she’s trying to do everything she can to have it both ways. Unless Democrats have a clear record otherwise (see: Manchin, Joe), it’s going to be hard for voters to find them believable.

Yes, having lied through their teeth to pose and “conservative” “Blue Dog” Democrats in order to win back the Senate and House in 2006 only to become — as Kevin McCullough of Townhall accurately predicted at the time — “Nancy Pelosi’s crash test dummies,” why would any voter trust a Democrat who says he or she is against the policies of Obama, Pelosi and Reid?

For example, Natalie Tennant, running in West Virginia for Jay Rockefeller’s soon-to-be-former seat, pretends to “stand up for coal jobs,” but why should anyone trust when it’s far more likely that if elected to office, she’ll cheerfully vote for the anti-energy policies of fellow Democrats Pelosi, Reid, Obama, or if she’s elected in 2016, Hillary?

Oh, and regarding the Joe Manchin reference above…

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The Democrats' attacks on Obama right now are flying under the radar, as in the national media is trying their darndest merely to mention that some Senate hopefuls are staying away from the president, not that they're running campaign ads indistinguishable from ones their Republican opponents are running (though if you're Tennant, turning off the lights at the White House still probably isn't going to be enough camouflage if you keep inviting Liz Warren to campaign for you in West Virginia).

Their panic -- and assuming the Republicans don't blow it -- their losses in November also show why a GOP Senate takeover with Obama still in place is better looking towards 2016 than making impeachment a front-burner issue. Six seats would give the Republicans control of the Senate; eight or more would put Democrats up in 2016 in full freak-out mode that they're going to have to run as Obama's third term at a time the guy is going out of his way to alienate swing voters. Even Team Clinton isn't going to want to run on the idea that 'Girl Power!' will be able to completely offset 2016 being a referendum on the past eight years.
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"Unless Democrats have a clear record otherwise (see: Manchin, Joe)..."

Wait. Whaaaaaaatt????!?
30 weeks ago
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