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Ed Driscoll

A Hillary Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand!

June 30th, 2014 - 11:12 pm

Heh. Or as Allahpundit writes:

First “don’t ask, don’t tell,” then DOMA, now RFRA: Precisely how many statutes signed by Bill Clinton are the Clintons currently horrified by?

It’ll be fun during President Hillary’s administration to try to identify the various laws that Senator Chelsea will be forced to repudiate circa 2036.

* * * * * * * *

By the way, since Hillary and, presumably, Bill are so mortified to find that closely held corporations count as “persons” for purposes of RFRA, I’m curious: Did either of them demand any clarification of who’d be covered by the statute before Bill signed it in 1993? You would think the Smartest Woman In The World, who hates corporations every bit as much as Elizabeth Warren when she’s not busy hitting them up for contributions, would have flagged that potential wrinkle before Bill made it the law of the land. Huh.

Beyond feminist identity politics, Hillary’s appeal derives from nostalgia of her husband’s two terms and the good feelings they engender to moderates and the left. (The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? is the title of an upcoming miniseries on the National Geographic cable TV channel. Coincidental timing? I would tend to doubt it.) But economically, those good times relied entirely on Bill’s eventual rejection of the far left corporatism (read: liberal fascism) that Hillary, Al Gore, Obama and Elizabeth Warren all wallow in. Not to mention the arrival of a Republican Congress that allowed Bill to govern as the moderate he ran as in 1992, after his own Obama-esque collectivist floundering in his first two years in office culminating in the Hillarycare flameout.

What’s the sense of supporting Clinton when she’s rejected everything her husband’s administration stood for? Other than pure identity politics. And if identity politics is all that you’re left with, why not go with someone who practices that dark art much more skillfully than Hillary? (And like Obama in 2007 and 2008, has far left historical baggage dragging her down.)

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I refuse to adopt the words and phrases that allow tyranny, totalitarianism and treason to hide behind the mask of "compassionate do-gooderism".

The Woodstock Jihad is NOT liberal. Indoctrination, propaganda, stripping freedom and demolishing liberty are NOT liberal.

Tyranny, treason and totalitarianism are NOT "progressive". Racial abuse, religious persecution, weaponized agencies crushing lawful congregants is not progressive.

State controlled dissemination of heavily filtered and disingenuous "news" is NOT "mainstream". It is toxic lies and coverups by incestuous cretins.

These words matter. And by the grace of God we need to wake up to the fact that our lazy and mindless regurgitation of them hides evil behind their intentional masks.

Hillary wants to ride on Bill's coattails and Obama's power grab. She wants to be the Centrist Radical, a first term ploy of Obama until he had the "flexibility" to go full bore traitor to the Constitution.

Bill cared about the polls. He wanted to be loved. Early and often.

Hillary has none of Bill's need for warmth. She will do or say anything, crush anything in her path and will leave bodies mangled and strewn to get what she wants.

She hates with ease. And she scrubs the past clean of all facts that do not fit today's narrative. She's wooden and boring. But driven. Literally and figuratively.
34 weeks ago
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The "sophisticated" soft liberals backing Hillary -- unlike the reality community currently pinin' for Liz Warren to enter the race -- thinks that Hillary will be different from Obama in no small part from being around Bill and being able to tap his experience as president. Which of course sidesteps the possibility that Hillary's gone through 40 years of humiliation from Bill at various points during their relationship in order to haves seat at the power table, and if she wins the ultimate power position in 2016 might come out in 2017 and basically tell hubby to pound sand, because the relationship has changed and she"ll do what she wanted to do in 1993-94, before the midterm debacle and Dick Morris' arrival at the White House.
34 weeks ago
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We are now hearing the new meme that the missus Clinton must reinvent herself to appeal to those disillusioned by the messiah of failed hope but needed to vote for her because of her need to run on her gender

That imbeciles voted for the dictator because of skin tone will be repeated as many of these same losers will vote for the missus clinon's genetalia
34 weeks ago
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**Smart and "Smartest"?**
Just how much more of these kinds of "smart" can America and Western Civilization fight back from?
Eight years of the "smartest man in the room"? How is it going so far?
Four years of a brain-damaged, 70 year old "smartest woman in the world"?
Bu, progs and leftists can count. [Sometimes two to four times ...?]
It is real simple. They are counting on sheer numbers and voting with lady parts instead of lady smarts.
Only a barrage of split-screen visuals of her quotes and claims versus the realities of effects and contrast and hypocrisy might have enough effect.
34 weeks ago
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'Progressive' has been the false flag of choice for decades of those wishing to pose as liberals while working day and night to impose - oh, so gradually and incrementally, all for the children and the oppressed and the common good - an authoritarian communal government upon the rest of us, with themselves at the top.

Communists used it for years, and their survivors (more than you'd think) still do. Other authoritarians-in-waiting, after the 'liberal' cachet faded, have jumped on the same bandwagon. Of course Hillary paints herself in it. And innocent lil' Chelsea is just an entitled, endowed progressive-in-waiting with pre-exploit MSM support, just as Obama had. Her Nobel 'peace' prize can't be far off.

Charles Murray nails 'progressives' today in WSJ. Do go and read of it.
34 weeks ago
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so, the courts finally find the backbone to inconvenience feminists from getting some more free stuff, and its an indication of the 'war on women'? what comes to mind is the old adage, 'know your audience', or maybe 'stupid is as stupid does'. I guess acting like you are being warred upon while shopping on Hollywood Blvd. is the new black.

personally, if she does win in '16, I say it will be good to have a real man in the white house again. she should find out where the current ugly, muscle bound dictator gets his suits made. it helps detract from the rest of the package, and hey, look what he has gotten away with. as they say, if you are going to screw up the whole world on somebody else's dime, at least wear some expensive and fashionable clothes. pants suits went out of style with bell bottoms, slow white bronco's and man hating feminists.

this is going to be a very large 'target rich' environment, and we get a twofer.

34 weeks ago
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Liberal, Progressive, and fascist are one in the same thing.

Besides name recognition all that Hilary has in her arsenal is bombast. If her Republican opponent is articulate and does not shy away from being utterly factual about her he (or she) wins. Watch for attempts to take this weapon away from even her primary opponent(s).
34 weeks ago
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One can assume the Re-pube-lican (hat tip: Mark Levin) candidate will be the usual gutless wonder.

But if Fauxahontas gets in the primary ring all bets are off.

Me? I'm up for some serious girl-on-girl.
34 weeks ago
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'As a libertarian, I am reluctant to give up the word “liberal.”'.

You just did.
34 weeks ago
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They want religion to be a private matter but charity to be a state duty. Once they run out of money they will seek to turn the state into a religion just for the purpose of keeping whatever falls in the collection plate. They are useless people in search of a state job and they want us to pay their salaries. That's all.
34 weeks ago
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"the arrival of a Republican Congress that allowed Bill to govern as the moderate he ran as in 1992"


"the arrival of a Republican Congress that FORCED Bill to govern as the moderate he pretended to be in 1992"

Bill & Hilary Clinton are no more "moderate" than Saul Alinksy, Bill Ayers, or Barack Obama.

They simply have a different approach, and in Bill's case, held office in a different time when they could get away with a lot less.

There is not on iota of difference in their goals.

34 weeks ago
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And exactly what legacy is hers?

That of an utterly unprincipled, ruthless in pursuit of power over "The Lives of Others", Alinsky acolyte?

With contempt and disrespect for the USA and its citizens.

With special disrespect and contempt for her most fervent followers. The women of the nation who are not intimates as her "band of sisters". Who receive only that information that furthers their use as tools for these "sisters" lust for power.

Those women who really believe she represents them? In ANY WAY? Except as tools for her own designs.

The Citizens who Hillary Clinton in her fury in 2000 she herself named "That Vast Right - Wing CONSPIRACY". And to whom Nancy Pelosi in that same year pulicly VOWED REVENGE.

Both these women as major players in the DNC of 2008 saw their chance for'PAYBACK", with who knows what agreements, in selection of BH Obama as "Democratic Party" nominee for the hghest honour in the citizens' gift.

We must assume KNOWING potential reservations - both women trained as lawyers - about the PROVEN "legal eligibilty" AND administrative experience and competence of BH Obama for "The Office of President.

BH Obama. As "elephant in a china shop". To do what elephants in the room do. FUNDAMENTALL TRANSFORM the shop.

Clinton and Obama both Saul Alinsky acolytes. Pelosi?

Obama with his forthright declaration of war against America and its peoples THE PERFECT man for Clinton and Pelosi for their plans for the nation.

Of which BH Obama volunteered during his campaign in "all 57 States" he "is ashamed"

Clinton, Pelosi and Obama. Triumvirate to transform the REPUBLIC of the United States into an Empire? Reminiscent of ?
34 weeks ago
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