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Ed Driscoll

Two NASAs In One!

March 9th, 2014 - 10:08 am

Past performance is no guarantee of future results:

On January 17, 2009 – NASA’s James Hansen told us that Obama had only four years to save the planet. The clock is ticking, as Obama only has seven days remaining to rescue the Earth.

Steve Goddard, January 10, 2013

Last September, NBC Bay Area examined seven years of fuel records from 2007 through 2013. According to those records, NASA sold to H2-11 discounted jet fuel that was then used to fly a private 757, a 767 and 5 other luxury aircraft all over the world. H2-11’s principle owners are the same as Google’s: Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt.

NBC Bay Area, this past Friday.

To paraphrase the Gipper, evidently NASA’s left hand doesn’t know what it’s far left hand is doing. Of course, given Google’s far left “Progressive” stance, their AlGore-ish love of private jets (and big oil) is also a sign of mammoth hypocrisy.

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Ha ha - the billionaires paid less for their jet fuel than you paid to fuel your Smart.
50 weeks ago
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Ah, but you see, Ed... thanks to the modern miracle of turboencabulation offsets, Moffett Field NASA carbon emits 100% less badstuffium when expended by private jet engines, surrounded as it is by its impenetrable field of correctly aligned wellmeaningium-goodintentionium-smugium crystal alloy matrixes.

Carbon emissions are only harmful when expended by simple non-turboencabulated Littlepeople-Peon combustion engines (typically purchased at Wal-Mart or someplace else gauche).
50 weeks ago
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