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Ed Driscoll

Time Magazine Swings Both Ways

January 7th, 2014 - 6:42 pm

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As spotted by Steve Goddard, and linked to by Climate Depot:

In 1974, Time Magazine blamed the cold polar vortex on global cooling.

‘Scientists have found other indications of global cooling. For one thing there has been a noticeable expansion of the great belt of dry, high-altitude polar winds —the so-called circumpolar vortex—that sweep from west to east around the top and bottom of the world.’

Another Ice Age? – TIME

Forty years later, Time Magazine blames the cold polar vortex on global warming

‘But not only does the cold spell not disprove climate change, it may well be that global warming could be making the occasional bout of extreme cold weather in the U.S. even more likely. Right now much of the U.S. is in the grip of a polar vortex, which is pretty much what it sounds like: a whirlwind of extremely cold, extremely dense air that forms near the poles.’

Polar Vortex: Climate Change Could Be the Cause of Record Cold Weather |

To borrow from an item I wrote a few days before Christmas, as Zombie noted at PJM last year, the warnings for what industrialized man should do to fight global cooling are virtually identical to the warnings would-be “climate” “scientists” have given to fight global warming as well. You can also see the same cure for very different alleged symptoms in the clip below, of a “scientist” who was busted a few years ago for first predicting doom from global cooling, and decades later, predicting doom from global warming:

Related: Al Gore’s Final Countdown for the Polar Ice Caps Expires, complete with video of Al warning in 2008 that “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.”

At the PJ Lifestyle, Paula Bolyard notes that “Survivors of the Blizzard of ’78 Mock the ‘Arctic Vortex.’”

Well, I’m one of the “survivors of the Blizzard of ’78,” who’s mocking those who don’t remember what they were saying back then; close enough for anti-government work?

And Al Roker tweets a photo of a page from the 1959 AMS Glossary of Meteorology with the words “polar vortex” and their definition in it. As Twitchy adds, “If the polar vertex has been around that long, maybe it’s a bit premature to link this one to global warming.

I suspect more than a few warm-mongers might soil their drawers over that notion.

Update (7:55 PM PST): Welcome readers of the Drudge Report. Please look around the site; there’s lots here you might enjoy.

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Global warming, global cooling... what matter is that the workers -- I mean our self-anointed nomenklatura -- control the means of production.

Everything looks like a nail when all you've got is a hammer (and sickle).
49 weeks ago
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Nobody is blaming scientists for changing their mind - it's their job! People are blaming *Time Magazine* for *not* changing its mind and repeating the same pseudoscientific conclusions ("polar vortex"?) with the same policy recommendation (down with free markets, only government can save us from impending catastrophe) no matter what the science says.
49 weeks ago
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Gawd, can you imagine that our understanding of polar vortices might have changed in the past 40 years?

Forgive me -- Of course you can't imagine that. This is a place where everyone believes on Wednesday the same thing they believed on Monday, no matter what happened on Tuesday!
49 weeks ago
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All Comments   (29)
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49 weeks ago
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And has ANYONE wondered why "polar vortex" is now all over the place? As if it didn't exist before Al Bore's lying video?

Folks, it's always been there... well for the last few hundred millennia or more, and guess what? IT VARIES. More media rot.
49 weeks ago
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This is called a "news vortex". Sometimes when the intellectual temperature of the left drops a little too low, this kind of imbecilic nonsense escapes its usual home in liberal cesspools and overflows into the Zeitgeist.

Thankfully, it doesn't generally last long.
49 weeks ago
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I can't wait for somebody to claim that global warming causes impotence and racism. You could ask Al Gore to verify the former and Al Sharpton, who has already done a piece on AGW, about the latter and perhaps the former, too.
49 weeks ago
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I am not worried about global warming.

After all, acid rain, I mean the population explosion, I mean the AIDS epidemic, I mean mass starvation, I mean mass thirst, I mean nuclear winter, I mean antibiotics-resistant bacteria, I mean the destruction of the jungles and swamps (I mean the rainforests and wetlands), I mean the disappearance of species, I mean any of the numerous other hysterias the press had promoted in the last 50 years, will get us first anyway.

The answer is always the same: give us, the progressive experts, your legal and economic and constitutional rights; after all, who needs money or votes when WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE if you don't vote MY way and give ME all your money for a crash program to avert disaster-of-the-week? What are you, AGAINST SCIENCE or something?
49 weeks ago
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I don’t care if really IS its getting warmer…I don’t care if its getting colder…as a living planet, I EXPECT the climate to change, the continents to move, and species to go extinct without rhyme or reason, and nature to re-fill any alleged “vacuum” created with “whatever happens to happen next”….

...and by all available evidence, major earth events have happened before, long before I ever burned a log in a fire or drove an SUV. Big Effing Deal.

The problem is with todays crop of Pseudo Scientists, Politicians and Beautiful Liberals is their incredibly overinflated concept of (usually, their own) human self-importance. Such that they foolishly end up believing these two things:

1) That there is any unusual, unnatural, or even MEASUREABLE climate change underway at all.

2) That we COULD do something about it, even if we WANTED to.

These people see the entire world as their static garden, to be pruned and maintained in some “fragile state” of “perfect balance”…a balance we need THEM to determine, and ever manipulate for us….

Wolves need to go HERE, and some Delta Smelt THERE, oh, and a little color over THERE, it looks a bit “blah” without it….These Narcissists cannot imagine a world they DON’T control, and they will certainly never recognize one in which they SHOULDN’T.

These are the people that, if noticing some “disproportional erosive-ness” before the formation of the Grand Canyon, would attempt to STOP IT.

“OMG!… it may become a MASSIVE hole in the ground…why, it…it could become a MILE DEEP… and…and stretch who KNOWS how far…. it…it would be CATASTROPHIC to the local eco systems… will become this horrible SCAR on such a Fragile, Pristine Landscape…the damage would be UNIMAGINABLE, it would be IRREVERSABLE….we…we have to DO something before its TOO LATE!”

They need to shut up, sit down, and leave the planet thinks that Great Ball of Fire has whatever it has in mind for our future, and if I need more sunscreen, a heavier parka, or BOTH, it will be He who determines that, not Al Gore.

(show less)
49 weeks ago
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Human Caused Global Warming (Yet The Planet Is Cooling) is the newest Leftist religion..

A christian will tell you that everything is "god's will". When a child dies or a hundred commuters die, it's "god's will"... When an earthquake happens or a hurricane hits, it's "god's will"... No matter WHAT... It's "god's will"...

Now, compare that to a Global Warming fanatic...

Everything that happens, climate wise, is because of Global Warming.. If the winter is too mild, that's because of global warming... If the winter is too cold, that's because of global warming... If there is barely any snow, that's global arming at work. If there are horrendous blizzards.. Guess what?? Yep.. Global warming caused it.. Everything that happens is global warming...

It's probably the ONLY thing that religious fanatics and Global Warming fanatics can agree on..

It's ALL because of G.W.
49 weeks ago
49 weeks ago Link To Comment
You malign Christian’s unnecessarily.

We do not believe God INTENDED those people to die…we believe certain physical events CAN happen as a matter of design, because HE created us as free, physical beings with all the attending possibilities of imperfection and incompetence

Free…to grow, digest food, divide cells and process oxygen through our blood as well or poorly as our individual biological mechanics allow....

Free...learn, persue knowledge, decide, be competent or incompetent at tasks, to act for ourselves and (hopefully) CHOOSE to be as good, generous, smart and safe and competent as we can be.

We see God as our father, and we his children. We are not robots. My son is not my robot, preprogrammed and battery operated to perform X-number of “tricks” for my amusement and nothing more.

I could not love a robot. I cannot NOT love my son.

Because he is a fully free, living soul of his own conscience…and THAT is why every hug, kiss smile and laugh he freely shares with us, has such MEANING….

Because, he doesn’t HAVE to love ME.
I cant MAKE him do that. But he does.

The downside is of course, he could eventually CHOSE to be evil, or lazy, or hateful, or incompetent, causing the negaitive ripple effects across the lives of others as we so often see in this world...

But that is the risk we allmust collectively take, in order to be REAL.

That is what we mean by "it is Gods will"
49 weeks ago
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There seems to one constant in the theories on AGW: if the public is uncomfortable, it is because of Global Warming.

This is a story about being uncomfortable in an extreme case of Global Warming.
49 weeks ago
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My solution is "hot ice."
49 weeks ago
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