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December 17th, 2013 - 10:28 pm

ABC-Disney’s Barbara Walters discusses the legacy media’s initial take on Barack Obama with Time-Warner-CNN-HBO spokesman Piers Morgan: “We thought that he was going to be — I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime — but the next messiah,” as spotted by Noel Sheppard of Newsbusters:

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: You have interviewed every president of my lifetime. Why is Obama facing so much opposition now? Why is he struggling so much to really fulfill the great flame of ambition and excitement that he was elected on originally in 2009?

BARBARA WALTERS: Well, you’ve touched on it to a degree. He made so many promises. We thought that he was going to be — I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime — but the next messiah. And the whole ObamaCare, or whatever you want to call it, the Affordable Health Act, it just hasn’t worked for him, and he’s stumbled around on it, and people feel very disappointed because they expected more.

It’s very difficult when the expectations for you are very high. You’re almost better off when they are low and then they rise and rise. His were very high and they’ve dropped. But you know, he still has several years to go. What does he have, three years, Piers? And, you know, there will be a lot of changes, one thinks in that time.

There are all sorts of follow-up questions that could be asked of Walters at this point, none of which Morgan is capable of doing — because he too thought of Obama as the next messiah (and very likely still does). Off the top of my head, some of these questions include:

● When you said that “we thought he was going to be…the next messiah,” define “we,” please?

● How could virtually the entire MSM get the biggest story of 2008 wrong? Why did they move in such lockstep?

● This wasn’t a case of single reporter on a crime scene talking live into a mini-cam, and making a snap decision to go with his gut during a fast-moving story that turns out to be wrong — telling viewers that the suspect has a gun, when it turns out later he actually had a knife, that sort of thing. This was a long, slow-moving story that stretched out for years. The cutline on Froma Harrop’s article at Real Clear Politics, titled “Obama Scores as Exotic Who Says Nothing,” was December 26, 2006. Which means that the MSM had over a year and a half to tell potential voters what Mr. Obama wasn’t saying. Instead, in mid-2008, CNN demonstrated how flexible they would be with the truth, first praising hate-filled Obama mentor Rev. Wright’s NAACP, then a week later, tossing Wright down the memory hole on behalf of his most famous parishioner.

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Obama was half black and half white, therefore, he could bridge the divide between the "oppressed" of all stripes and "heal" the wounds of the innocent and give absolution to the "guilty". By a mere vote...America could "prove" it's penance.

Obama represented the entirety of the Protest Counterculture. He would be the SuperDefender of "victims" of racial, ethnic, gender, sexual preference, creed, and age discrimination. And most especially "class" abuses by the "haves" against the have nots.

He would bring fairness, equality and justice to the downtrodden and heal our damaged international reputation.

The follow up questions for his water carriers in the Propaganda Machine are obvious and that is why they are obviously avoided.

1) Please compare Obama's actions and that of his bagmen who run key departments such as Justice, State, Defense, HHS, Energy, EPA, NSA, IRS as well as his toadies in the Senate and the House, his Press Secretaries and his staff...have they advanced the protections of the citizenry or taken them away?

Have they protected and advanced equal justice for all races or have they damaged those protections?

Have they treated all persons with equal justice or have they brazenly and illegally targeted persons because of their race? Creed? Ethnicity? Age?

Have Catholics, Jews and Evangelicals received fair treatment in contrast to Muslims or atheists?

Have whites and especially white males been given the same treatment in civil rights?

Were those who follow the teachings of the Bible afforded respect, dignity, and fairness in army instructional programs?

Were First Amendment rights and principled dissent protected of those who prefer small government?

Was this the most transparent administration ever or were serial scandals hidden and buried?

Has the implementation of programs been executed with precision, careful preparation and skillful evidenced by signature programs such as Obamacare, Solyndra, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA surveillance and spying, spying on reporters, siccing the IRS on political opponents.

Have the Constitution been faithfully upheld and has the oath of office been maintained.

When a scandal has come to light...have "investigations" into them borne a single fruit...or have excuses, alibis and blame shifting buried them and shielded the wrongdoers?

Is America better off in racial harmony? International reputation now soaring? Do we have stronger allies now? Are we more free? Have jobs returned to the private sector? Has the economy boomed?

In summary, if we had the very lowest of expectations instead of the highest...would Obama have exceeded a single one?

The only " miracle" Obama has performed is keeping his media and other water carriers in check and they both find ways to keep him unaccountable for his abject failures and tyranny. And to blame opponents for his disasters and lawlessness. In other words, he makes water carriers into whine.

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You missed the obvious question - "Why would a journalist, or even a everyday citizen, look for a messiah in a republic with a constitutional government with separate branches and limited powers?"

"Taking your question at face value, as a top tier journalist, what evidence was there to support this universal perception among the elite media that Obama was a Messiah?"

Last, "since when is it the job of the media to identify Messiah's and then sell them to the public as such?"
1 year ago
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Ask Barbara "Pistol Lap" Walters exactly what great accomplishments by Barack Obama that demonstrated this Messiah-ship and you'd get the world longest "uhhhh..." ever caught on camera.

Legislative accomplishment, none.
Private sector experience, none.
Executive experience, none.
Economic experience, none.
Military experience, none.
History of reaching across the aisle, none.
College transcripts, none.
Writings while heading the Harvard Law Review, none.

Need I go on?

Perhaps this "Messiah" business is a reference to the miracle of Obama being part and parcel of the Daley Machine in Chicago and yet somehow emerging from it supposedly clean as the driven snow.

Your god bleeds, Babs. And the zippo lighter he used to conjure flame to trick the primitive natives of darkest deepest flyover country has ran out of butane, thanks to Obamacare.
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Obama's the new "Messiah" all right...the "one" we were taught to be on the watch for. It's just that he's the Messiah to whom the "world" belongs. Heaven's Messiah is He who comes to correct the injustices that this imposter (read "false") forces upon us.
1 year ago
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What would I have asked her?

"Barbara...are you high right now?"
1 year ago
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Frankly, you can lay it all at the feet of the media.

Obama did not engineer his power grab. We know now, beyond any doubt, that the man is simply too stupid and venal to have risen on his own merits, even giving him credit for being the most audacious liar since the big 3 of the 20th Century. Obamacare is proof positive of that.

It's one of the best / worst examples in history of the power of the pen.

When it's all over, it will be all over. Over for America, over for us, over for our children, over for freedom.
1 year ago
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My question: "So Barbara, what first tipped you off. Was it His walking on water that swayed you? [how about keeping a straight face when he lies... the Futon]
1 year ago
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Ah...the soft bigotry of low expectations...did she really say that? Wow.

I flipped over just to see who Piers had on, but cannot stand that woman, so flipped away, but not before noticing they both have the same speech impediment. Yeah, I know...meow.

Journalists are supposed to be skeptical, not looking for messiahs. And they should never be more skeptical than when others are pointing to a politician as a messiah. Sheesh, they get paid to be skeptical, it's their stock-in-trade. There's no point to journalists without skepticism.
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"It’s very difficult when the expectations for you are very high."

The difficulty, Babs dear, is what exactly caused you and the other sycophants to arrive at these high expectations?

We idiot Neanderthal conservatives were aware that Obama was an empty seat from word one. But you, as a group, were any in many cases are unable to see past his paper-thin facade.

And you are qualified to presume to "inform", exactly?
1 year ago
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"Did the media assume at some point they were going to funded by the state and protected from competition?"
1 year ago
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I hope I live long enough to see historians dig out the truth on Obama. His college transcripts would be a good place to start, and his life in Indonesia another. All we have seen might be easier to understand if we knew something about his background that wasn't spun up by the propaganda machine on the left.
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This highlights the serious nature of the problem we face. Specifically, loss of rule of law. God-kings make up the rules as they go along; the cultural development in Anglo-Saxon culture that enabled liberty and economic success came from the establishment of rule of law. Rule of law was cemented in our society by the English Revolution and American Revolution, but this was possible because of the cultural ideals of the English and English Americans. When we are ready to cede to a god king, we are done as a culture, and ready to assume banana republic status.
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1. What is a "messiah", please define? 2. If Messiah means savior, what exactly needs to be saved/restored? 3. If salvation is necessary, is it the same salvation requirement in New York City as it is in say, Pocatello Idaho? 4. Does the messiah have any restraints to carry out the "salvation"?
1 year ago
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