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Ed Driscoll

Breaking News from 2004

December 6th, 2013 - 12:44 pm


“Why Should Anyone Believe Kerry?”, Jonathan S. Tobin asks at Commentary:

If the Palestinians’ genuine goal is a two-state solution and peace, their rejectionist attitude is as crazy as their previous three refusals of statehood. But even if we were to believe despite abundant proof to the contrary that they do want a two-state solution, with Kerry on the other side of the table, why should the Palestinians be any less tough in these talks than the Iranians were in theirs?

Kerry’s ego may have been stroked by the Iranian deal, but his already shaky credibility is shot. There is no reason for Israel to believe American assurances and even less reason for the Palestinians not to think that they have more to gain from saying no than yes. But the consequences of this diplomatic farce are more far-reaching than the souring of relations between Israel and the United States. By setting the Middle East up for certain diplomatic failure, Kerry has set the stage for a third intifada and threatened the Israelis with it himself. He may think he can blame Israel with the violence that may come after the negotiations blow up but, like the almost inevitable Iranian betrayal of the nuclear talks, what follows will be largely on his head.

Even better question: Why should anyone believe Kerry’s boss?

(And yes, perhaps I should have titled this post “Breaking News from 1971.”)

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The one good thing about Sec. State Kerry is that we now know how disastrously stupid President Kerry would have been. (Same goes for Hillary.)
1 year ago
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Or you could have entitled it "Christmas in Cambodia."

(BTW,, is that Kerry's famous magic hat in that photo?)
1 year ago
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