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Ed Driscoll

Less Than Zero

December 4th, 2013 - 3:12 pm


“Which Vile Character Assassin Will MSNBC Hire to Replace Bashir?”, Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center asks:

The question here isn’t whether or not MSNBC will dispense with the hateful rhetoric it shamelessly peddles as ‘news.’

The question is: Which vile character assassin will NBC/Comcast recruit to replace Martin Bashir? MSNBC is an absolute laughingstock. If you’re not apologizing for your insults (Ed Schultz), you’re resigning because of them (Bashir). And if you’re not smart enough to resign, they have to fire you (Alec Baldwin).

NBC is the network where civility goes to die. And Comcast: You own that indecency.

And it’s working so well for them in the ratings, to boot.

At the Baltimore Sun, media critic David Zurawik adds:

They don’t do news at MSNBC any more. They just do propaganda. And you can only attack your ideological enemies so long before you find yourself in the realm of hate speech as Bashir did.

I hope this event will help Comcast come to understand how deeply Griffin and his cynical programming strategy have damaged the brand of NBC News and the network in general.

You can fire 10 Bashirs and issue 20 phony “respected colleagues” PR statements, and it won’t start to repair the harm you’ve done to what NBC News once stood for.

Ace adds that “MSNBC has a stable of troglodytes, but Bashir’s vulgarity was too much even for them:”

Central to the leftist’s sense of vanity is his mistaken belief that he is an elevated person, in taste, intellect, and culture. In fact, he is none of these things. In almost all cases, he actually aspires to mediocrity — or at least he would aspire to mediocrity, if he weren’t already so convinced he had nothing else to prove to the world.

Martin Bashir directly challenges that self-flattery. Not only is he thick-headed and crude as a general matter, but he routinely resorts to provocations so vulgar that only the crudest malefactors in the Fightin’ Fightin’ Nutroots could fail to notice their vulgarity.

As such, he’s bad for business. Starbucks could not con people into buying $6 cups of coffee if, directly beside the register, stood a magazine rack openly displaying vintage copies of Hustler.

When the courtly, but equally far left Tom Brokaw finally retires, I wonder if he’ll issue any thoughts on how badly the tone of his network and its subsidiaries has cratered.

Worse thought: Is Brokaw even aware of the collective tone of his fellow anchors?

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I try to follow the MSNBC crowd to see what their WH talking points are and for a little comedic relief
1 year ago
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Odds are Bashir doesn't get fired if Baldwin doesn't get fired. And Baldwin got fired because he slurred the wrong special interest group once too many times, and did it at a moment when the suits at MSNBC were figuring out Alec's show was not going to be a ratings blockbuster.

The immediate aftermath of Bashir's Palin comment, where MSNBC was not only backing their host, but tweeting out links to the video of his rant -- shows that under other circumstances, they would have been happy to let him get away with it, because they don't care what conservatives think. But they do care about what liberals who like Alec Baldwin think, just as they care about gays who don't like Alec Baldwin periodically venting his wrath via homophobic outrage (and Baldwin himself, in using the word "fundamentalist" to describe the gays who protested him, showed he was somehow trying to convince everyone that they also were somehow part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy).

None of these people have learned anything from this, other than not to go off the deep end at the same time someone else is ranting their way out of a job.
1 year ago
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I'd also add that it's time someone pulled a Heston and played clips of MSNBC's 'greatest' hits at a stockholders meeting.
1 year ago
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My question is: was there no one in the MSNBC control booth with the moral decency to hit the mute switch?

Bashir himself may have resigned, but his crudity is institutionalized at MSNBC. It's Bashirs all the way down.
1 year ago
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Somehow MSNBC thought that a snooty British accent could legitimize an incendiary, partisan dirtbag like Bashir. No more than will "putting lipstick on a pig" give it a box seat at the opera. Bad karma! Good riddance!
1 year ago
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