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Ed Driscoll

Ed and Rob Long, November 17th, 2012.

Our final interviews from the 2012 National Review Post-Election Cruise feature a troika of pop culture-oriented conservatives. Rob Long writes an often hilarious column for “dead tree” edition of National Review, in addition to producing TV’s Sullivan & Son for WTBS (in past years, Rob was a producer on a comedy you may have heard of called Cheers). James Lileks writes the “Athwart” column for each issue of NR, in addition to writing at his own Website, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, and, from time to time, PJM as well. Along with Peter Robinson, they host the flagship podcast. Roman Genn has illustrated many a National Review cover. With his deep foghorn Boris Badenov voice, he’s also the master of the deadpan one-liner on the comedy nights on the NR cruises.

Topics discussed include:

● How can conservatives recapture pop culture?

● John Yoo for mayor of Oakland!

● Rob and TV’s Sullivan & Son.

● Lileks’ new novel, Graveyard Special and its flashback to college life in 1980, during the culture’s transition from Carter to Reagan.

● How the BBC blew the lid off the secret history of German nudism.

● How Roman crafts his National Review covers.

And much more!

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