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Dr. Helen

“….a fictional account of an oil and gas company of the future”

September 15th, 2013 - 7:23 am

Anna Franco: The Dark Future of Energy Exploration:

(The following is a fictional account of an oil and gas company of the future, illustrating what happens if green-movement goals continue to be incorporated into the industry vision.)

The year is 2020. You are the vice president of the exploration and production division of an oil and gas company. One of your exploration teams has successfully located an oil-rich area using a 3D seismic interpretation system, which helps the geophysicists survey the underground layers, hone in on a given area, identify its composition, and estimate the location of a potential oil deposit. These scientists are called “seismic interpreters,” and they now rely on virtual exploration and technology more than ever to analyze the subsurface of the earth remotely.

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First, as Proofreader to the World, I had to get past "hone in." You hone a tool or instrument. You home in on something you're trying to reach.

That settled, truth is stranger than speculative fiction, and a lot more subtle. Energy companies themselves take a short-term view of their situation, preferring to work out compromises with lawmakers rather than fight regulation head-on. Then they sell the public an image of environmental consciousness, adding green leaves to their websites and boasting of all they do to appease ill-informed critics.

Further, it's an unworkable marriage between conservatives and businessmen, especially those who run public companies where the next quarter's results count for or against the CEO's three-year contract renewal. The principles businessmen act on are only common with those of free-marketeers until the bottom line takes a hit.

This isn't to say conservatives can't be shortsighted with regard to policy, as well.
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