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Dr. Helen

Men on Strike on Fox and Friends

June 24th, 2013 - 4:50 pm

Fox and Friends hosts Brian Kilmeade and model Carol Alt interview me about Men on Strike.

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All Comments   (3)
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Hello Dr. Smith,

Having seen your interview on "Fox and Friends" I immediately ordered your new book, "Men on Strike" on I'm barely into Chapter 1 - and I cannot put it down!!! Kudos to you for speaking up for America's embattled (and embittered) men. I plan on doing a New Visions Commentary review of your book for Project 21.


Dutch Martin
1 year ago
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Fox n Friends? I should have had the vomit bucket handy.
Cupcake tele-journalism. These are the folks who giddily pour water down a bathtub drain so as to explain America's debt to us. Who the hell has never been in a bathtub and needs this demonstrated to them?

While there are limits to a 3 minute television interview, I don't expect Fox n' friends to advance anything worth a damn on this important topic.

We're talking about men killing themselves, men withdrawing from work, men openly mocked for 'emotionalism', men withdrawing from leadership roles, from communities and from their own families, men's curiosity and appetite being reduced to boyish fantasies and mean animalism, porn addiction, alcoholism, prescription-pills addiction, fewer male teachers, no male teachers for the critically important years ages 3-6....
and on and on....
There is so much to this.
I look forward to your next appearance. NPR in the line-up?
1 year ago
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The comments in the interview about media portrayals of men brought back two memories

1) I enjoyed watching the Roseanne show (1988–1997) in part because it seemed that the Dan Connor character (John Goodman) was portrayed as a basically competent, likable guy.

2) I refused to read The Berenstain Bears to my boys because Papa Bear was portrayed as a doofus. It didn't seem right to me to sit and be insulted while reading lies to my four-year-old.
1 year ago
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