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Lead, Damn You!

April 18th, 2013 - 2:26 pm
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The difference between womanly and womanish — like the difference between manly and macho — is instructive. It reminds us that even the traits we admire most have, like all things human, their dark side. Gentleness may become weakness; strength may become belligerence — and so on.

Witness President Barack Obama’s performance after his attempt to violate the Second Amendment met the fate it deserved. He could have responded to the setback in a womanly manner: with warmth, understanding and compassion. Maybe wear something nice to make himself appealing. Sympathize with our concerns. Represent the moral attitude he wishes we’d aspire to.

Instead, he was petulant, scolding, hectoring — refused to take any responsibility for his actions. Womanish. See the distinction?

All right, I’m clowning around. But really, I’m not one of those wingers who hates the president. I don’t think he’s evil, not even a little. But can anyone — on either side — remember a moment when this man inspired us? I mean, all of us, together? Can anyone think of a day on which he lifted our hearts or moved us toward unity or did not seize on a crisis to demonize the opposition and so divide us?

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Petulant? This speech is PETULANT?!?

Take a look at this:

Or how about this comment here on PJMedia by "Grampa" late last November:

To: Generation Loser
From Generation Boomer

Subject: You lose!

You bought it. Don’t know what you saw in it, but you bought it, hook, line, and sinker. When this thing really, really blows up, I’m going to be dead. And you’re going to be S.O.L....

......Eat my shorts. Every last one of you. I’m going to a better place, and you’re going to inherit 100% pure unadulterated suck. When you’re hungry and cold because you decided to shut down the energy industry, suck an egg. You asked for it. I’ll be doing fine, and you’ll be in a world of suck.



Now THAT'S what I call "petulant!"
1 year ago
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Obama's idea of leadership is on display in Boston
See the update picture at 2:45

In Boston, a million people are confined to house arrest, without trial. An army of armored, heavily armed law enforcement and paramilitary agents are engaged in a man hunt for a ONE 19 year old suspect.

The orchestrated media hysteria, steered by the white house has turned this into a tiger hunt (circa late 19th, early 20th century, Indian sub continent). All to keep our citizens safe from man eating tigers . . uh, bomb planting terrorists. It also serves as a dress rehearsal for the next big crisis, bigger, badder, more turmoil over a larger geographic region. With a little good luck, Mr. Obama might be able to expand his leadership to the entire United States.
1 year ago
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I can't. It's always a 'Us vs Them" rant, never an "Us".
1 year ago
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Politics. Would that we have a leader that actually focused on what was important. You know, someone that tried to do the right thing once in a while. I realize I'm just rewording what you said, but that's how I get through the my day.
1 year ago
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