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Mall of America Overrun by Protestors

Mall of America Overrun by Protestors

Once you entertain the notion that social grievance entitles you to tread upon the rights of others, the difference between overrunning a mall and executing police officers is only a matter of degree.

What Does the Military Think of Obama? Not Much

What Does the Military Think of Obama? Not Much

Fifteen percent approval, 55 percent disapproval.

10 Reasons Why a Disney Christmas Is the Best Kind of Holiday

10 Reasons Why a Disney Christmas Is the Best Kind of Holiday

Like everything else, Disney just does the holidays better.


One HBO Star Dares to Criticize Feminism

One HBO Star Dares to Criticize Feminism

Game of Thrones v. Girls?

Is Pornography the Cause or the Effect of Men on Strike?‏

Is Pornography the Cause or the Effect of Men on Strike?‏

Has the XXX-rated part of the internet fueled more men's abandonment of marriage?

Wicked Mobs, Cop Killers, and the Attorney General

Wicked Mobs, Cop Killers, and the Attorney General

Without men in power who preach the virtues of classical liberalism, history trends toward barbarism.

Rep. Meeks (D-NY): NYPD Murders Not ‘Connected’ to Protests, Brown Family Wanted ‘Nonviolence’

Rep. Meeks (D-NY): NYPD Murders Not ‘Connected’ to Protests, Brown Family Wanted ‘Nonviolence’

"No justice, no peace" and "Burn this b**** down" could not be reached for comment.

Four Gitmo Afghans Repatriated; One a Taliban Arms Supplier Believed to Have Peddled Uranium

"Intended for use in a nuclear device."

BREAKING: Minneapolis Jihadist Reported Killed Fighting with ISIS in Syria

The Twin Cities jihad pipeline claims another loss.

PJTV’s Afterburner on ‘Stories Liberals Tell: How Conservatives Can Win Back the Culture’ (Video)

Will Bill de Blasio Be Forced to Resign?

Can the mayor of New York govern the city without the support of the police?

Did Cop Killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley Visit Terror-Tied Brooklyn Mosque?

Al-Farooq in Brooklyn is one of the most terror-connected mosques in America.

As Palestinian-State Fest Continues, So Do the Atrocities

The only kind of terror the world doesn’t seem to mind.

Bill Maher Speech at UC Berkeley Unaffected by Small Protests

"Liberals should own the First Amendment the way conservatives own the Second Amendment," Maher tells college audience.

5 Creative Musical Acts You Probably Haven’t Heard of But Should Know

Here are five talented artists or groups who each in their own unique way convince me that our music is in good hands and the future will not be all Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Two Police Offers Shot in NY, Suspect Commits Suicide

Suspect posted revenge motive for Eric Garner on Instagram, MSM claims "Motive unclear."

Rand Paul: ‘Marco Rubio Used Rude Language’

"I won't stand for it!"

The Real Fallout from Sony Is Nuclear

How did Al Sharpton get final cut at Sony Pictures?

Why Peanut Butter Is Awesome and Amazing

In praise of one of the most extraordinary foods and its fascinating history.

Report Finds Partial Peer Reviewers on the Endangered Species Declarations

Not so independent after all, say Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee.

Obama Says Sony ‘Made a Mistake’: ‘I Wish They Had Spoken to Me First’

Plus: President is a big fan of The Interview star James "Flacco".

Holder Decrees Crossdressing Protected Under Federal Law

This is a big deal: the Justice Department could now consider the decision by a school or church to not hire a transvestite to be a violation of federal law.

Nigeria Teeters on the Brink: 8 Terrifying Trends

Boko Haram's violence is now on par with ISIS. Is anyone in D.C. paying attention?

‘Publish and Be Damned’

Sony should have done what Wellington did

Why Politics and Music Are Like Oil and Water

See parts one and two in this ongoing series about country music and the battle of ideology.

Chalk One Up for the Pint-Sized Despot

What was it that sent Sony down its path of cowardice and capitulation? More:  Li’l Kim, We Hardly Knew Ye…

Why Liberals Really, Really Hate Us

We know the left is being silly, and they know we know, and They. Can't. Stand. It.

Carter: Rubio ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’ for Criticizing ‘Very Courageous’ Obama

He's been hanging out in the dictator brothers' houses.

Who Are the Top 20 Conservative Columnists of 2014?

I'm expanding last year's top 10 and looking for your suggestions.

[Video] Why the Whole World Will See The Interview For Free

Is Sony's pulling the movie actually a victory for the slave state?

Poll: Majority of New Yorkers Want Protestors Off the Streets

How can one support an environment that enacts idiot laws to be enforced with "whatever force is necessary" yet believe there is a problem with the way police interact with citizens?

Report: North Korea Internet Totally Offline

Report: North Korea Internet Totally Offline

Is the U.S. sending a message?

Will Lawmakers Respond to Alarms About Surveillance Powers in Next Congress?

Will Lawmakers Respond to Alarms About Surveillance Powers in Next Congress?

Amash tried to kill provision of intelligence bill that he says would allow White House to spy on any U.S. citizen without judicial permission.

Let’s Face It: Pro Football Sucks

Let’s Face It: Pro Football Sucks

Get a life, get a job, or just read a book

The Villains You Choose

The Villains You Choose

Sony's surrender means more anti-Western Hollywood propaganda to come.

Racism Right and Left: One Man’s Opinion

Racism Right and Left: One Man’s Opinion

Which side of America's political aisle is more racist than the other? It's not even close.

New Archaeological Finds Shed Light on Old Testament Life

New Archaeological Finds Shed Light on Old Testament Life

A Mississippi State University archaeological team has found evidence that lends historical credence to the Biblical accounts of the Old Testament.

How Many More Dead Police Officers Will the Mob Want?

“Shout out the homie who shot those cops in Brooklyn.”

Where to Find Jesus in Oxford, England

A Christmas Story.

The ‘Narrative’ Killed the NYPD Officers

We're angry at the people who spread the lies that set the killer's heart on fire.

Social Media Explodes in Joy as News Breaks of Dead NY City Police Officers

Shining examples of leftist compassion.

Obama Asks People to ‘Reject Violence and Words That Harm’ After Murder of NYPD Officers

Holder calls two murders "unspeakable act of barbarism"; former NYPD commissioner says de Blasio stoked "firestorm".

Rep. Peter King Calls on Sports Teams to Wear NYPD Patch in Honor of Slain Officers

What will the players who wore "I can't breathe" T-shirts do?

Christians, Atheists, & Pagans Should Take a Sabbath Like Orthodox Jews Do

This week's mystery of the Bible: what is the best way to practice the fourth commandment? How should you take your Sabbath?

Sharpton: Use of Garner, Brown Names by NYPD Killer ‘Reprehensible and Against the Pursuit of Justice’

Sharpton schedules press event, prayer service for murdered officers Liu and Ramos: "We have stressed that most police are not bad," NAN leader says.

NYPD Cop Killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley Started Fight with Atlanta Panhandler, Discovered He Was ‘Muslim Too’

Cop assassin posted video of the exchange on Facebook.

Cop Killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley Posted Quranic Verse: ‘And Strike Terror Into Their Hearts’

Assassinated two NYPD officers in Brooklyn this afternoon

Hacked by North Korea? Just Call the President

The president neatly shifted onto the private sector the job of coping with terrorist threats from North Korea, and downgraded an act of war by a nation-state to a criminal attack.

Cuban Dissidents Cite ‘Betrayal’ by Obama

Throwing Cuban democrats under the bus.

Can Superhero Movies Be Reduced to a Racial Numbers Game?

As more characters make their way from book to screen, often the politically correct call comes to change characters' ethnic origins.

A Turning Point?

Is there any totalitarian American enemy that Obama won't cozy up to?

Obama Signs Broad Israel Partnership Bill, But Vows to ‘Interpret’ According to His Policy

Will only implement law in way "that does not interfere with my constitutional authority to conduct diplomacy."

Sex, Drugs, and Violence: The Top 2014 Canadian News Stories

Who says Canadian news has to be boring? Unfortunately, in some cases, "boring" would have been preferable to the reality.

Feinstein: In Past 6 Years, ‘No Real Policy’ to Handle Sony-Style Attacks

"It has become a very sad way of life. And at some point, we face a disastrous attack."

And the World’s Sexiest Woman Is… Kate

Who else could she have been?

Hackers Release New Demands: Pull Online Trailers & Don’t Allow The Interview to Be Leaked

Will Sony go a step further and do the Communist tyranny's bidding to try and scrub the internet of every trace of the offending film?

Happy Ending: Vin Scully, the Ribs, and THE Ring

A feel-good story for Christmastime

What the Stats Really Say About Racially Motivated Cop Killings

Black lives matter a lot more than the mainstream media wants you to believe.

CNN: ‘Analyst: We Underestimated North Korea’

CNN capitulated to the censorship of North Korean thugs long before Sony Pictures did.

Is Drug Testing of Welfare Recipients a ‘War on Poor’?

Plus: Michigan bill tied to welfare benefits proposes genetic testing to find fathers.

What Part of Keeping Cuba Isolated Has Not ‘Worked’?

I’m trying to figure out what exactly the supposed flaw has been in the policy of isolating a brutal regime diplomatically and imposing a trade embargo on it.