Dramatic animated re-creation of Kurt Westergaard jihad attack

Apple Daily, the Taiwanese news outlet that has been garnering a great deal of attention lately with its brilliantly rendered animations re-creating current events (including the wild Conan O’Brien/Jay Leno showdown a few days ago which earned nearly half a million views) has just released its latest simulation — this time on a much more serious subject, the New Year’s Day attack on Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard by an Islamic jihadist.


The animation is quite chilling, and shows how Westergaard only barely escaped a gruesome death and probable beheading at the hands of the al-Qaeda linked Somali attacker; you can see it starting at 0:22 in this English-language report on the incident which Apple Daily just posted at YouTube:

(You can also view the video directly on its own YouTube page here.)

Note that the animator got one detail wrong in the re-creation; he shows Westergaard carrying his young granddaughter into the panic room with him, while in reality he had become separated from her during the attack and was locked in the room alone; luckily, the attacker didn’t notice or care about the granddaughter hiding elsewhere in the house.

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