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Yellow Ribbon Project

Morad Tahbaz was among several members of a wildlife foundation arrested on Jan. 24 and 25; a Canadian member of the group has already died in custody.
No cancer care for Nizar Zakka as he and Xiyue Wang are being drugged; elderly and ailing Baquer Namazi thrown back in cell.
Held by Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Turkey, and the Haqqani network, U.S. hostages try to hold on to hope in face of torture and trumped-up charges.
"My hope of his return has been shattered time and time again throughout the past year," says wife of Princeton graduate student Xiyue Wang.
"Take whatever steps are in the national interest to determine the whereabouts and secure the return of Robert Levinson."
Professor Kevin King, abducted in August, "frequently losses consciousness and his health is deteriorating rapidly," says terror group.
John Kelly praises Pakistani cooperation, says more than a dozen Americans are still being held hostage by terror group.
Zakka invited by regime to speak at entrepreneurship conference and then detained; appeal of 10-year sentence on trumped-up espionage charges denied.
After Erdoğan visited Washington in May, the White House said Trump had asked that the Turks "expeditiously" return Pastor Andrew Brunson.
Congress votes to "demand that Iran be held accountable for its tactic of taking our people" to get concessions.
Families of Nizar Zakka, Siamak and Baquer Namazi, and Bob Levinson tell Congress time is running out.
Islamic Republic claims that Xiyue Wang's dissertation research on Qajar dynasty was espionage.