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Yellow Ribbon Project

"As an American and a non-Muslim," Xiyue Wang "has been subjected to abuse and harsh interrogations" in Tehran's notorious Evin prison.
Are American prisoners "going to get lost in the shuffle" as North Korean hostages come home and administration backs out of Iran nuclear deal?
Citing information from a Pyongyang resident, Choi Sung-yong, who works with families of abducted South Koreans, reported that the prisoners were moved about a month ago.
"That the Turkish government has consistently ignored bipartisan expressions of concern from the Congress has also been cause for concern."
“Spent the day at an FSA pool party with music by @taylorswift13. They even brought me whiskey. Hands down, best birthday ever,” read Austin Tice’s last tweet on Aug. 11, 2012.
"We are doing our very best. As you know, they've been there a long time. And it's harsh treatment," president says without naming American captives.
"I love Turkey. I have been praying for Turkey for 25 years. I want the truth to come out,” Brunson tells court as he faces potential 35-year sentence.
The State Department's former top diplomat in charge of North Korea policy, Ambassador Joseph Yun, who recently retired, says he reached out to the North Koreans and asked them to release the hostages. 
Pro-Erdoğan media have wildly claimed that Brunson is a CIA operative who would have been promoted to chief of the agency if the 2016 attempt had been successful.