Yellow Ribbon Project

Congress found a way to overcome the "tremendous obstacle" of the Algiers Accords.
Says he "didn't want to let my fellow Marines down" as he weathered "very inhumane and unjust" treatment.
One U.S. hostage told John Kerry in 2013 not to set a precedent for safety of Americans in the future through swap.
Why hasn't the same diplomatic engagement they're how bragging about brought hostages home?
Will Obama say the name of Amir Hekmati and other U.S. hostages in his State of the Union?
Rep. Kildee also asks Obama to say Amir Hekmati's name during speech.
"Amir risked his life for our country and now is imprisoned in Iran because of his service."
"Unacceptable that the Obama administration missed an opportunity to make the freedom of Jason a priority in its negotiations with Iran."
Nestora Salgado has been sitting behind bars for more than two years without trial.
Amir Hekmati's family: "It is simply unacceptable, with the two countries now talking and implementing the nuclear agreement."
Internet freedom expert invited by regime to seemingly innocuous conference, seized and accused of being U.S. spy.
Businessman Siamak Namazi promoted Iran deal -- did he fall out of favor with the regime?