Yellow Ribbon Project

"You told us in person that if it were your daughters, you would do anything."
White House: "Our policy is that they were detainees" of Iran, not hostages.
Businessman was working in special economic zone when he was seized last year.
U.S. working "through the Czechs on the ground" to find, free Texas journalist.
Some "not aware that they are playing with the life of Father Tom," bishop charges.
Salesian order asks people to stop spreading crucifixion rumors and pray for Father Tom.
Alleged crime? Removing a propaganda banner from his hotel.
Kerry claims he's "holding Iran to its promise" to bring Bob Levinson home.
"It is hard to remember a time when Iran didn’t have U.S. hostages in its prisons."
“Bob and his family deserve much better," Rubio says of hostage left in Iran.
Congress found a way to overcome the "tremendous obstacle" of the Algiers Accords.
Says he "didn't want to let my fellow Marines down" as he weathered "very inhumane and unjust" treatment.