Yellow Ribbon Project

"What kind of hell must he be living in, that both our government and the Iranian authorities have allowed him to live in for so long?" asks Bob Levinson's wife.
With his health deteriorating further, Nizar Zakka, held by Iran since 2015, has ceased his seventh hunger strike 23 days into the protest.
Burch was held by Houthi rebels, and in January 2018 Reuters reported that Burch had been released to Oman.
Securing the release of Nizar Zakka "on a humanitarian basis is more than doable," attorney says. "Where is the political will to make it so?"
"My family does not deserve to be caught up in world politics and Xiyue should not be treated as a diplomatic pawn, a political pawn."
"Chinese authorities have asserted broad authority to prohibit U.S. citizens from leaving China by using ‘exit bans,’" sometimes lasting years.
Since being invited and kidnapped in 2015, Nizar Zakka has weathered six protest hunger strikes and refused to film any propaganda "confession" videos.
Ruling found "ample evidence... that North Korea detained Otto and persisted in detaining him for political leverage with the United States."
Iran claims trap cameras used to monitor the Asiatic cheetah and other species were spying on the country's missile program.
"Do what is in your power to help secure the release of our loved ones and their safe return home by ensuring that their cases are at the top of the agenda," they implore governments.
Xiyue Wang was arrested in August 2016 after Iran said he was scanning large quantities of documents during his dissertation research.
Gölge's reduction to five years behind bars sends him into another appellate process at a higher court that could take years.