Yellow Ribbon Project

"Positive yet cautious news" about Austin Tice, says Cornyn, "along with other Americans who are being held captive."
San Diego resident Robin Shahini slapped with 18-year term for Facebook posts.
One hostage is 80 years old with a heart condition, and his family fears he won't survive the ordeal.
Rezaian and Salehi "live in constant fear" of Iranian agents, says new lawsuit against regime.
IT expert Nizar Zakka's trip "was funded with grants from your agency," retired military officials tell Kerry.
Marine veteran and Texan Austin Tice turns 35 today; was kidnapped 4 years ago Friday.
"Granting our request is within your power," Levinson's wife stresses to Supreme Leader.
House chairman livid over "the logistics of this payment" for shah-era settlement, "all while hiding the facts."
"You told us in person that if it were your daughters, you would do anything in your power."
White House: "Our policy is that they were detainees" of Iran, not hostages.
Businessman was working in special economic zone when he was seized last year.
U.S. working "through the Czechs on the ground" to find, free Texas journalist.