Hollywood 'Losing Sleep' Over Possible Trump Win


As a “Never Trump” Republican, nothing to date has proven more likely to compel my vote for the nominee than this story from Variety:

As the polls in the presidential race tighten, the mood in Hollywood this week is one of concern, worry and even abject fear — and it all centers on one question: Could Donald Trump pull off an upset on Tuesday?

In an industry that leans heavily to the left, for many it’s a nightmare scenario. The “October surprise” bombshell letter that FBI director James Comey sent to Congressional leaders on Friday triggered new levels of anxiousness over its impact on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Some industry figures say they are losing sleep. Others say that business conversations inevitably turn to the latest polls or of other potential “bombshells.” Others who haven’t warmed up to Clinton say that they fear getting into political conversations at all.


Giving Hollywood liberals the vapors, keeping them up at night, and distracting from their self-indulgent concerns are strong arguments for voting Trump.

Self-flagellation over “a dismantling of our democracy” seems rich coming from the likes of Adam McKay. His candidate of choice may soon be indicted on felony charges for literally selling political favors. Dismantling of democracy indeed.

If Trump wins, it will be fun to bask in the warm glow of leftist lamentation. At least Republicans have a conscience nagging them about their nominee. Democrat hypocrisy knows no bounds.


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