Insanity Wrap: We Need to Talk About That Trans Figure Skater

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Finland’s trans figure skater is a genuine victim… of the people claiming to promote diversity. That’s the big crazy on today’s Insanity Wrap, an entire week’s worth of lefty nuttiness wrapped up in one easy-to-swallow medicated news capsule.



  • CNN viewers finally learn that Donald Trump is no longer POTUS.
  • WaPo dances on the grave of objective journalism.
  • It’s definitely too soon for this meme, but I’m publishing it anyway.

Before we get to today’s big story, here’s a short video to make you lose whatever little faith you might still have in humanity.

This Is Not a Sane World, Exhibit #1,000,006

So that happened.

Sorry about the total lack of context but, honestly, would knowing what was going on there make watching this video better or even worse?

About That Trans Figure Skater…

You might have seen this video from a Finnish figure skating event over the weekend when it went viral. If not, it’s 46 of the most painful seconds you’ll ever witness because it’s all real.

I’m not usually the kind of person to jump all over someone who’s publicly humiliated themselves (politicians excluded, of course), and that’s not what I’m going to do today to poor Markku-Pekka Antikainen.

Antikainen is a 59-year-old man who at age 50 decided he was trans and wanted to train as a figure skater. Figure skaters usually begin somewhat younger, more than 40 years younger. Antikainen performs, if we can call it that, under the name Minna-Maaria Antikainen.

It should come as no surprise that Antikainen skates like someone who got started very late in life because he did. He has the build of a farmer, not a skater, because he actually is a farmer.


Nevertheless, Antikainen was chosen as the headline act in a “diversity” showcase at the opening ceremony of the ISU European Figure Skating Championships last week.

There’s nothing wrong with diversity. There’s everything wrong with putting a 59-year-old farmer who can barely skate out there as an “ice princess.”

Give some small kudos to Antikainen for having the balls to go out there, even though he had to know that he would look exactly like what he is: A 59-year-old man in a sparkly dress who can’t skate very well.

Antikainen’s true humiliation didn’t come until after he’d fallen. That’s when an actual woman — an actual ice princess, who must have been half his weight — had to help him up off his knees. That unnamed skater demonstrated genuine feminine strength and grace, unlike Finland’s mock ice princess.

If you were looking for a perfect (and perfectly awful) example of why men can’t be women, this was it.

But you also won’t find a more perfect example of the cruelty that seems to motivate this kind of diversity hire. At some point, someone needed to tell Antikainen, “Thanks for trying out, but you didn’t make the cut. Better luck next year.”

Instead, they sent him out on the ice to humiliate himself and become an object of scorn and derision.

Our scorn ought to be directed at Finland’s event organizers who didn’t give a damn about Markku-Pekka Antikainen and only cared about making themselves feel good about how “tolerant” and “diverse” and “progressive” they could make themselves appear with their pet trans figure skater.


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Before We Continue, Here’s a Short Video to Restore Your Faith in Everything…

That’s better.

In Which the Washington Post Doubles Down on Stupid

Riffed from the Headlines
Townhall Media
Newsrooms that move beyond ‘objectivity’ can build trust

Leonard Downie Jr., former executive editor of the Washington Post, took to the op-ed page of Monday’s Washington Post not just to announce the death of objective journalism, but to cheer it on:

Increasingly, reporters, editors and media critics argue that the concept of journalistic objectivity is a distortion of reality. They point out that the standard was dictated over decades by male editors in predominantly White newsrooms and reinforced their own view of the world. They believe that pursuing objectivity can lead to false balance or misleading “bothsidesism” in covering stories about race, the treatment of women, LGBTQ+ rights, income inequality, climate change and many other subjects. And, in today’s diversifying newsrooms, they feel it negates many of their own identities, life experiences and cultural contexts, keeping them from pursuing truth in their work.

The Feelings Über Alles crowd has taken over the country’s newsrooms.

It isn’t just the reporters, either:

Among the news leaders who told Heyward and me that they had rejected objectivity as a coverage standard was Kathleen Carroll, former executive editor of the Associated Press. “It’s objective by whose standard?” she asked. “That standard seems to be White, educated, fairly wealthy.


It’s a strange thing to read about the death of journalism in the Washington Post. It’s stranger still to read that it was murdered by the journalists and their editors who were supposed to protect it.

Quote(s) of the Week

Trans Figure Skater

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss totally, publicly contradicting and humiliating yourself.

Your Weekly Dose of Mandated Unity

I know the competition is stiff, but is Lori Lightfoot the worst big-city mayor in America?

Now that Bill De Blasio is out of the way, I think the title is all hers.


Biden’s approval drops as he takes the spotlight from Trump

I can’t believe I’m reading this headline in 2023, except that this is CNN, so I can totally believe it.

Apparently, it took Americans two years to realize that Donald Trump isn’t president any longer and pin the blame for inflation, shrinking pay, a wild southern border, and a feckless foreign policy on Joe Biden.

Honestly, you could almost forgive CNN viewers — assuming there are any left — for not knowing that Trump isn’t president because the network remains forever fixated on Orange Man Bad.

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Previously On Insanity Wrap: We Need to Talk About the REAL Insurrection

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