Tired of High Gas Prices? Biden Will 'Work Like the Devil' to Bring Them Down (SPOILER: He's Lying)

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Presidentish Joe Biden, the one man more responsible than anyone else for high prices at the pump, said Thursday he’ll “work like the devil” to get those gas prices back down.


Was that work “like” or work “with” the Devil, Mr. Alleged President?

Here’s the clip, followed by a VodkaPundit Quick & Dirty Transcription™.

Twitter is having trouble today so you might not be able to see the clip. If not, come back later and try again. In the meantime, here’s my transcript for you:

I’m gonna work like the devil to bring gas prices down which I’m gonna work into make sure that we keep strengthening the supply chain to bring the cost of energy and everything else and the goods that come to America… down… by helping the ports 24/7 by changing a whole range of things that, you know, what’s happened with COVID, COVID has caused significant increases in prices in the supply chain.

I swear to you that’s an exact transcript of what Biden said, or tried to say.

Feeling kinder than usual today, I didn’t parenthetically include the part where he makes that slurping sound he so often makes.


We’re supposed to believe that it was COVID that canceled Keystone XL with an executive order on Day One of the Biden administration.

We’re supposed to believe that it was COVID that canceled oil and gas leasing with more executive orders in the first week of the Biden administration.

We’re supposed to believe that it was COVID waging a year-long war on Alaskan oil production.

I’m trying to be a better person. I try not to hate. But when I see this senescent old man blandly repeating spoon-fed lies he doesn’t believe and perhaps only barely understands, it makes my blood boil.

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To be fair, Biden has made two small efforts toward reducing gas prices.

Last summer, Biden begged OPEC to pump more crude oil. OPEC, busy counting all the extra money they’re making off of Biden’s anti-domestic-energy production policies, stopped counting just long enough to laugh in Biden’s general direction.

When begging OPEC to pauper themselves didn’t work—unexpectedly!—Biden in November released an impressive-sounding 50 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. I say “impressive-sounding” because 50 million gallons is about 2.5 days of our domestic energy use.


What’s more, it took weeks for the extra oil to enter the supply chain. Biden’s too little/too late move was akin to trying to slow down your sports car by sticking your left foot out the open door and pressing it lightly against the road.

Neither Biden nor the progressive cabal actually running the White House—I’m looking at you, Ron Klain—have any desire to bring down gas prices. Same for natural gas, heating oil, etc. If it’s something that moves you around or keeps you comfortable, the Biden Cabal is going to make it as expensive as they’re able.

The not-so-hidden purpose is to force us all to use even more expensive “clean” energy.

The actual purpose is to enrich all the right people, with the big guy getting his 10 percent.


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