He's Fallen and He Can't Get Up: Joe Biden Poll Average Slumps to Under 40 for the First Time

AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

Presidentish Joe Biden, who just had his Build Back Bolshevik agenda declared “dead” by a senator from his own Democrat party, has just hit an all-time polling low.


That West Virginia thorn in Biden’s side, Joe Manchin, could just as well have used the same word to describe the alleged president’s standing with the American people.

For the first time — and barely a year after he was sworn into office — the RCP polling average shows Biden below the crucial 40% threshold of support.

An averaged 39.8% of adult Americans, registered voters, and likely voters give the near-octogenarian a passing grade.

C’mon, man! Biden is, you know, the thing with voters. Corn Pop still loves him, but that’s about it.

What might be most terrifying to the White House — run by those overly-ambitious progressives that constantly put lie to “Moderate Joe” — is the spread between Biden’s approve and disapprove numbers.

It’s nearly 15 points, with the “Disapproves” at a jaw-dropping 54.4%.

Sorry to bug you with so many numbers but this is important.

Biden’s disapproval figure is in “lose by a landslide” territory, and there are only about 5% of voters left who don’t have a strong opinion about Biden one way or the other.


That means his public perception — his narrative as a successful or unsuccessful president, to use the more modern word — is largely set.

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Good luck establishing a new narrative once another one is already in place. Doing that would require a big win, somewhere, with someone or something, to turn things around.

Biden’s legislative agenda is dead. His attempt to bust the filibuster is, too, and that means that unlike Westley in The Princess Bride, Biden’s progressive agenda isn’t just “mostly dead.”

It’s doorknob dead. Coffin-nail dead. Completely dead.

Democrat politicians are already snubbing the president, a rude fate usually reserved for second-term lame ducks in the heat of the inevitable second-term scandal.

Beta O’Rourke doesn’t want Biden coming to Texas. Stacey Abrams, The Real Governor of Georgia™ and full-time publicity hound, had a “prior engagement” when Biden came a-calling. Two leading Pennsylvania Dems — Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Attorney General Josh Shapiro — also somehow had their dance cards filled when Biden visited to tout his infrastructure law.


You know, the one that doesn’t build much (any?) actual infrastructure.

Just when Biden needs support on Capitol Hill to turn things around, do you know what he did?

Biden, kind of out of the blue, came out in support of letting Capitol Hill staffers unionize.

As you’ve seen from one campaign after another, rarely does even the most pro-union Dem support letting their own people unionize.

But that’s been Presidentish Biden for more than a year now: He’s got the Merde Touch. Everything he touches turns to… you know… but like a three-year-old in a candy store, he just can’t keep his fingers to himself.


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