'They're Saving a Ton of Lives': Trump's Strongest Vaccine Endorsement Yet

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With his strongest vaccine endorsement yet, former President Donald Trump told Daily Wire’s Candace Owens that the COVID vaccine “is one of the greatest achievements of mankind” and that “people aren’t dying when they take the vaccine.”


In a free-wheeling, 30-minute interview, Owens reminded Trump that “more people have died under Biden” after the vaccines became widely available.

“All three vaccines are very good,” Trump insisted.

“They’re saving a ton of lives.”

The full “Unscripted” interview is available only to Daily Wire subscribers. I joined last year when my 15-year-old told me he needed the “Leftist Tears” travel mug they give out to subscribers.

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“I can bring it to school and annoy all the right teachers,” he said.

Cool kid.

Anyway, when the delta variant was surging, deaths did rise among the vaccinated. However, deaths rose even more among the unvaccinated.

One thing that hasn’t changed from one variant to the next is COVID’s choice of victims: The elderly, the obese, and the vitamin-D deficient.

Trump was booed by supporters at a Dallas rally earlier this week when told host Bill O’Reilly that he’d gotten the booster shot.


I’m fully vaccinated with both Pfizer jabs but won’t bother with the booster shot while a mild variant like omicron remains dominant. I’m 52 and in great health, so I’d like to catch the damn thing and add natural immunity to my vaccination immunity.

Although Trump appears to remain in robust health, he is 75 and overweight, putting him in two different risk groups.

Whatever your own decision is, unlike Presidentish Joe Biden, former President Trump doesn’t believe that vaccination should be mandatory. “Forget about the mandates,” he told Owens. “People have to have their freedom.”



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