Austrian Brothel Offering Free Jabs for Jabs

(AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

“You’ll just feel a little prick” when getting vaccinated has taken on a whole new meaning at an Austrian brothel.

Vienna’s Funpalast has made an offer some might find it impossible to refuse: If you’ll accept a free, on-site COVID-19 vaccination, you’ll also get a free “30-minute session in the sexual ‘sauna club’ with the ‘lady of their choice,'” according to the Daily Mail.


“This may seem crazy,” noted my friend and Lidblog proprietor Jeff Dunetz, “but we live in a world where a Nobel Prize-winning medication can be denounced as a ‘horse dewormer,’ but people can go to a house of ill repute for a government-mandated vaccine.”

To be fair, it’s difficult to determine Funpalast’s reputation, since their Yelp page is unclaimed and hosts no reviews.

The Austrian brothel is hoping to return to explosive growth after their business went flaccid during the shutdowns. A Funpalast spokesperson told the Mail that they’d “registered a 50% decrease” in clientele.

Here’s a presumably about-to-be-happy customer receiving his free vaccination.

I’m fully vaccinated, but all I got afterward was instructions to sit alone in my car for 15 minutes.

COVID cases are surging in Austria, despite 64% of the population being fully vaccinated. Vienna has issued harsh new lockdown restrictions on the unvaccinated, a move that’s apparently scared the pants of Funpalast. Management hopes that with the Jabs for Jabs offer, “that the number of customers will rise again.”


I’m assuming the jab will be given by a professional but I’m not certain which kind.

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