Good News: There Might Be Yet Another Off-Label Treatment for the Wuhan Flu (and Against Tyranny)

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Probenecid, an FDA-approved gout treatment with “powerful antiviral properties” and minimal side effects, is “a prime candidate” for treating COVID-19 according to a new study.

SciTechDaily reports on recent research from the University of Georgia, where they found that probenecid “works as a prophylactic prior to virus exposure and as a post-exposure treatment in animal models against SARS-CoV-2 and flu.”

Ralph Tripp, lead author of the study, concluded, “This antiviral works for all RNA respiratory viruses we tested, including SARS-CoV-2. RSV, coronavirus and flu all circulate in the same season. Bottom line is you can potentially reduce infection and disease using this one oral drug.”

This is potentially great news.

COVID-19 hospitalizations have gone up in recent weeks as the delta variant makes its way through the population. Even though delta is far less deadly than the initial version of the Wuhan Flu, nobody wants to end up stuck in a hospital or on a ventilator.

Tripp’s company, TrippBio, is set to begin clinical trials of probenecid against COVID later this year.

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Although I do wish they’d hurry it up.

Floridians and Texans have already gotten through the worst of the delta spike, but seasonality means it’s heading north for the winter.

As I already noted, delta isn’t nearly the health risk the original strain poses. However, it remains a yuge political risk.

You’ve probably noticed in recent months that Washington and the mainstream media (but I repeat myself) moved the goalposts.


“Two weeks to flatten the curve” was to keep our ICUs from becoming overloaded and, at the very worst, causing a breakdown in civil society.

Once the curve was flattened, restrictions were kept in place until we could get a vaccine.

Once we got vaccines, plural, restrictions were still kept in place until 70% of the population could be vaccinated.

Then 80%.

Then we were told that 90% wouldn’t even be high enough.

But it became more and more difficult, politically, to keep Americans tamped down as COVID became less and less deadly.

So the latest metric for our national panicmongers is “cases.”

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Not deaths. Not even hospitalizations. But mere cases for a flu-like virus that’s getting less deadly by the day.

Given how infectious delta is, “cases” is a grand excuse for little things like the tyranny of vaccine mandates and a virtual social credit system in order to travel freely about the country.

But “cases” is a lousy metric for a bug most will get but few will actually suffer from. “Cases” is only a good metric for those seeking to impose more and more social and economic controls on a once-free people.

If the probenecid study pans out, and the drug really does have both treatment and prophylactic effects against various Wuhan bugs, then it isn’t merely a weapon against a virus.

Probenecid could very well prove to be a powerful political weapon against Washington’s increasing predations on our liberties.

Hell, it might even get a few Karens to shut up and mask down for a change.

I’m not getting my hopes up to high on the last point, mind you.

The politics of COVID have proven to be far more damaging — and in the end, probably far more deadly, too — than COVID itself.

We need every possible arrow in our quiver to fight back, so here’s to probenecid proving to be another one.

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