Biden's Vaccine Mandate Is an Attack on the Working Poor

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Presidentish Joe Biden’s dictatorial vaccine mandate executive order will mostly hurt those who can least afford it, at least if the actual numbers are anything to go by.


Thursday night, Biden announced his six-point plan for combating the more contagious (but less deadly) delta variant of the COVID virus that originated in Wuhan, China.

If you missed the address, PJ Media’s own Stacey Lennox summed it up Thursday night as “the beginning of an authoritarian push to vaccinate every American against COVID-19, regardless of age, medical history, or recovery from the illness previously.”

Anyone standing in the way will get “run over,” according to Biden advisor Cedric Richmond.

Mandates are something Biden himself opposed as recently as January of this year.

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Stacey continues:

Biden then announced that the Department of Labor would issue an emergency rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees to mandate vaccines or weekly testing. This order will cover 80 million employees. Employers will be required to pay workers for time to get vaccinated.


Biden’s order comes even as hospitalizations from the summer delta spike are rapidly declining, and strangely enough, “is likely to include even employees who work remotely.” [Emphasis added]

The mandate will affect as many as 100 million Americans, but not equally.

Given low-income voters’ propensity to vote Democrat, Biden’s EO is a direct economic attack on his own constituents.

Full Disclosure: I’m fully vaccinated, as are my wife and older son. But as with any other issue, assess your own risks and make your own decisions. ‘Murica.

And as Bridget Phetasy pointed out, those people “are also disproportionately the people who worked THROUGH THE WHOLE PANDEMIC.” [Emhpasis in the original]

“Many of them already had COVID,” she added, “and it’s insane that antibodies doesn’t [sic] count as an acceptable replacement to the vaccine.”


A recent Israeli study indicates that natural immunity — i.e., those antibodies Bridget mentioned — is more effective than any vaccine. The risk of gaining immunity the natural way is that you might get very sick or even die. But to those who have already gained natural immunity, the risk has passed.

Nevertheless, Biden’s blanket order doesn’t seem to make any allowances for those who have passed that particular crucible.

So if you’re poor and already immune, it doesn’t matter what the science is or what your own beliefs are: You will get the jab or Joe Biden will force this on you — and you can’t afford to say no.

I can’t wait to see how this plays out in the midterms.


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