Insanity Wrap #10: Netherlands Paid Islamic Terrorists, Plus Portland's Menacing Mob Moms

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Insanity Wrap needs to know: What do you get when you try to make nice with Islamic terror-affiliated groups?

Not a very hard question to answer, is it? You get dead civilians killed by well-paid Islamic terrorists.

You already knew this. Insanity Wrap already knew this. In the Netherlands, a grownup country with a long history, presumably run by grownup people, just had to learn this lesson the hard way.

Before we get to that, today’s Insanity Wrap also has:

• Moms mobbing Portland

• The aquatic love that dare not speak its name (or at least shouldn’t)

• Ghislaine Maxwell is even worse than you thought

And more.

Now for the Wrap.

The Netherlands Paid Terrorists to Terrorize

Insanity Wrap Wants to Know What the Netherlands Was Thinking

(Image by Rob van der Meijden from Pixabay.)

In the Dutch parliament on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Stef Blok and Development Minister Sigrid Kaag admitted that the government had “part of the salaries of two terrorists involved in killing 17-year-old Rina Shnerb” in 2019.

Rina was killed by a roadside bomb last August while hiking with her father near the West Bank settlement of Dolev. Her father, Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, and her brother Dvir were injured in the terror attack funded in part by the government of the Netherlands.


The killers are members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a designated terrorist group in the EU, and employees of the Palestinian Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC), to which the Dutch representative in Ramallah pledged nearly $20 million in 2013-2021.

Their salaries were paid in part by Dutch funds covering UAWC overhead costs, though they were not directly involved in the land and water management program sponsored by the Netherlands. They also received accreditation, identifying themselves as “employees of a partner organization of the Dutch representation,” in Ramallah a letter from the ministers said.

To put it more bluntly: The Dutch government paid off a Palestinian “civilian” organization and then was shocked, shocked to find terrorists in that establishment.

The killers weren’t exactly low on the UAWC’s totem pole:

Samer Arbid was an accountant for UAWC at the time of his 2019 arrest. In October, he was indicted on 21 counts, as commander of the PFLP terror cell that prepared and detonated the bomb that killed Shnerb.

Abdul Razeq Farraj was UAWC’s Finance and Administration director and was indicted on four counts related to aiding in the bombing.

The Netherlands has suspended payments to the UAWC “indefinitely.”

Heads should roll in The Hague, but good luck on that actually happening.

Here’s a related bit of craziness from just across the Channel;

Nobody ever got blown up by a euphemism, we suppose.

If you need us after this column, Insanity Wrap will be drinking our lunch.

Portland Moms Join the Mob

You may have read yesterday’s stories about Portland moms acting as human shields between police and “protestors.” They were chanting, “leave our kids alone.”

Nice, eh?

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Except then some of those peace-loving moms went and joined the mob trying to break into the federal courthouse.

Andy Ngô caught them on video because he’s awesome like that.

Ngô caught this one, too — must-see stuff.

Insanity Wrap is indebted to the crazy ones mixing it up with the rioters to report the facts the Democrat-Media Complex would rather you didn’t know.

BREAKING: Ghislaine Maxwell Is Worse Than You Imagined

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 (AP Photo/John Minchillo)


What’s worse than serving as the sex groomer of underage girls to a pedophile billionaire with ties to everyone from the Clintons to the British Royal family?

How about all that plus this:

Ghislaine Maxwell paid $25K to fake news purveyor Jacob Wohl to ‘smear Epstein victims and to get prosecutor Geoffrey Berman fired in attempt to stall sex trafficking investigation against her’

Wohl’s antics had already made him into a seemingly impossible combination of laughingstock and creep.

Maxwell of course is (allegedly!) one of the worst people in the world.

So it doesn’t exactly surprise Insanity Wrap that the two of them would combine forces to smear Epstein’s underage sex toys:

As part of a $25,000 deal made in June, Wohl and his lobbyist colleague Jack Burkman also allegedly pushed to get New York US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, who had led Epstein’s case, fired in order to stall or stop the criminal investigation into Maxwell.

One of the women they tried to use for their smear plots, Maryland model and paralegal Kristin Spealman, told the men had been hired by Maxwell, who currently faces trial over charges she and Epstein trafficked underage girls for sex.

Insanity Wrap will not only be drinking our lunch, but we’ll also be drinking yours.

Your Daily Reminder About Your Awful Infotainment Industry

Having spoken at several Tea Party events, Insanity Wrap can tell you that the worst thing that ever happened at one was when no one warned us not to take the brown statins.

Smitten Kitten Bitten

Does anyone else remember the spring and summer of 2001, when the worst thing Drudge had to headline was a bunch of shark attacks that turned out not to be much worse than usual, and our only foreign policy crisis involved the Chinese Communists forcing one of our Navy intelligence planes to crash and then we had to wait to get our crew back?

Insanity Wrap would like to go back to those days.

One Last Thing…

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That’s a wrap for today.

We’ll return tomorrow…

…assuming we make it that long.

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