German Town Dumps Busloads of Migrants on Merkel's Doorstep

Refugees board a bus near Regenstauf, Germany, Thursday Jan. 14, 2016. The bus with 31 Syrian refugees is on the way from Bavaria to Berlin, as a Bavarian district councilor followed up on his pledge to German Chancellor Angela Merkel he would send refugees her way if his district could no longer provide accommodation for them. Landshut district councilor Peter Dreier said Thursday he wants to “send a sign refugee policy cannot continue like this.” Germany is struggling to provide accommodation for some 1.1 million asylum seekers who registered here in 2015. (Armin Weigel/dpa via AP)


The bus had been chartered by the Bavarian town of Landshut in protest of what one local politician described as the municipality’s exhausted capacity to receive more migrants. Peter Dreier, a county commissioner in Landshut, had warned Ms. Merkel in October he would stage such an action if the numbers of refugees didn’t decline.

“I told [Ms. Merkel] then: If nothing changes and we have to continue taking in 70 migrants in Landshut every week, we will go under,” Mr. Dreier told German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

The stunt marks one of the most colorful expressions to date of the mounting, cross-party impatience at the chancellor’s generous open-door refugee policy.


Message? Räumen Sie Ihre eigene Durcheinander, Frau Merkel.


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