Mission: Improbable

The Secretary has already disavowed any knowledge of my actions, so with that out of the way…

Look, I’d love to apologize for the low level of daytime blogging around this joint the last few days, but that would be wrong given that I drunkblogged SOTU on Tuesday night and I’ll drunkblog tonight’s GOP debate.


Now it is true that once in 2012 I drunkblogged a Dem and GOP debate consecutively on the same evening, but I didn’t feel right — and this is a true story — for days afterward. And back then I was still a spry young man of 43. Now I’m a less spry man of… well, let’s not trouble ourselves with math before lunch.

The point being, don’t look for me here much today (or even at Instapundit until tech works out what’s missing from my login), but do please look for tonight’s GOP debate drunkblog.

Because if you don’t, then I will have injured my liver in vain — and you don’t want that on you conscience in a vital election year, do you?

I thought not.

So let’s meet up again this evening on the PJM home page for what is sure to be a virtual one-man riot.


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