Feel the Burn Rate

Maybe he should have gone with a bigger exclamation mark. (AP photo)

The Bush campaign is spending money faster than it’s coming in.

Lots faster:

The super PAC supporting Jeb Bush is racing through its massive war chest much faster than money is coming in, spending close to $50 ­million in a record blitz that has so far failed to lift the former Florida governor’s sputtering presidential candidacy.

The group, Right to Rise, has already gone through nearly half of the $103 million it brought in during the first half of the year, records show. It raised only about $13 million in the five months that followed, according to a person familiar with the figure.

That leaves the super PAC with about $67 million heading into the first 2016 GOP nominating contests. The sum still surpasses the resources of rival groups, but it is not clear whether Right to Rise’s financial might — viewed earlier this year as Bush’s distinct advantage — will be enough to help separate him from the pack.


If the Trump Train is going to be derailed, everybody but Cruz and Rubio has got to drop out right now — starting with Jeb.


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