New ISIS Video: Execution of 200 Syrian Children [UPDATED]


Joe Miller comments:

It would appear that that same footage was released back in August of ’14 with the claim that it was 200 Syrian soldiers.

That’s bad enough, but at least it isn’t kids.


Good lord, the description is bad enough:

In the new Islamic State video, children are bound, lined up and forced to lie face down in the dirt before the barbaric killers open fire with automatic rifles.

The video has been circulated online by a Yemen-based anti-ISIS activist.

It is currently not known what the children had done in order to be sentenced to death.

Experts believe the video was shot in Syria – where the terror group maintains a stranglehold over large swathes of territory, including their de-facto capital of Raqqa.

Analysts believe ISIS have been trying to ramp up its campaign of fear following losses in battles with Kurdish and Iraqi forces as well as the pounding it has been receiving from Russian war planes.

I won’t be watching this one.