Clinton Foundation Won't Refile Bad Tax Returns After All

Clinton Foundation spiritual advisor Leona Helmsley. (AP Photo/ Ed Bailey)

Clinton Foundation spiritual advisor Leona Helmsley.
(AP Photo/ Ed Bailey)

Promises, promises:

A series of articles published as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign kicked off this spring noted that the Clinton Health Access Initiative, set up in 2002 as the Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative and spun off from the foundation in 2010, had not fully complied with aspects of a conflict-of-interest agreement negotiated before the former first lady and senator became secretary of state in 2009. The HIV program did not seek a State Department ethics review of several donations from foreign governments, including Switzerland, Rwanda, Sweden, Papua New Guinea, and the Belgian region of Flanders, officials said, while also acknowledging that the initiative also failed to publicly report its donors at all after the spin-off.

An April 2015 Reuters story reported that Clinton Health Access Initiative spokeswoman Maura Daley conceded that the nonprofit organization made errors reporting the amounts of government grants on its 2012 and 2013 tax filings and said the group planned to refile those returns with the Internal Revenue Service,

However, in a recent exchange with POLITICO, Daley denied the initiative ever committed to refiling and said no revised forms are being prepared.

Tax laws are for the little people.