Will the Real Hillary Please Stand Up?

Giving you, and everybody else, what for. (AP photo)

Giving you, and everybody else, what for.
(AP photo)

Hillary Clinton’s temper is nothing short of famous, and lately it’s been causing trouble behind the scenes as her poll numbers go deeper underwater. But all is not lost:

“We’re having some success in giving her some chill pills,” says a campaign adviser.

The goal is to channel her anger and make her focus on Republicans, not on her campaign aides and fellow Democrats.

“Hillary’s always at her most effective when her back is to the wall,” says one of her longtime political advisers. “After weeks of pounding and pummeling by the press, she’s mad as hell and isn’t going to take it any more.”

The plan is already in play. Over the past two weeks, she has slammed the Benghazi hearings as nothing more than a Republican-instigated political witch-hunt aimed at suppressing her poll numbers.

She’s bashed the Supreme Court and the National Rifle Association over the Second Amendment.

She’s thumbed her nose at President Obama by coming out against one of his major foreign-policy goals — the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

And with her approval, her opposition research team has been collecting dirt on Vice President Joe Biden, which Hillary’s camp is prepared to release to the media if Biden enters the nominating race following his family summit this weekend.

OK, great — Hillary is taking some chill pills and unleashing her fury at everyone from Barack Obama to the NRA.

But one question remains unanswered.

What is she for?