Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Here’s just another smallish example of the legalized theft known as ♡bamaCare!!!:

All of the money used to build the failed exchange, as well as its hastily constructed replacement, came from federal start-up grants. Maryland received more than $179 million in such grants. About $73 million was paid to the original contractor, Noridian Healthcare Solutions, and another $41 million was paid to the firm that cleaned up the mess. Yet, according to the Maryland AG’s office, the state is in negotiations with CMS concerning how the $45 million will be divided. But why would Maryland receive any part of the settlement if all the money used to build and repair the exchange came from Washington?

This very question, as it happens, occurred to Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch when he got wind of the Maryland deal. Hatch’s committee has been pressing Obama administration officials for information on their plans to recoup billions in federal tax dollars that have disappeared into the coffers of states that followed Obamacare’s directive to set up insurance exchanges. Only fourteen, all controlled by Democrats, set up these “marketplaces.” And, like Maryland, they used federal grants to do so. Those states, along with the District of Columbia,spent more than $5 billion to launch their exchanges.

Unaccountable tax dollars going to crony businesses which never get the job done?

That Means It’s Working™