Primarying Debbie

Speaking of primary opponents... (AP photo)

Speaking of primary opponents…
(AP photo)

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s unshocking support for the Iran deal might just garner her a primary opponent:

Miami-Dade School Board member Martin Karp, who lives in her district and helped organize rallies last week against the accord, said he started seriously considering a run against the six-term congresswoman after potential supporters began approaching him, just before Wasserman Schultz announced her support for the president’s agreement with Iran.

“These are real serious people with real money and the ability to raise money who talked to me about running,” said Karp, who declined to name any specific supporters. “I’m really thinking about this — thinking about it a lot. It’s a serious decision and this is a big issue.”

Karp, 50, said the potential backers “include people who support pro-Israel causes, such as AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] and other organizations.”

Even eight years of Obama won’t be enough to get liberal Jews to give up on the Democrats, but they might at least demand different Democrats.

That’s progress.