Taxing the Clintons

Mrs Roboto activates her sincerity chip. (AP photo)

Mrs Roboto activates her sincerity chip.
(AP photo)

I’d love to have another scandal for you, but these tax deductions for IT stuff seem perfectly in line for America’s Power Couple:

The tax records, which Clinton released as part of her presidential campaign earlier this year, show that she and Bill deducted $6,388 on “computer/phone” services in 2009. Only $328 was claimed the next year. They deducted $8,743 for “computer maintenance” in 2011, $1,239 for computers services in 2012, $3,726 in 2013 and $3,284 last year. Hillary Clinton claimed deductions from her speaking and book income of $6,375 for “technical support” and “moving expenses” last year as well.

The couple claimed tens of thousands of dollars in miscellaneous expenses while Clinton served as secretary of state.

In 2011, the Clintons spent $6,501 on computer equipment. And on June 30, 2013, they incurred computer equipment expenditures of $5,909, $1,986, and $1,141. All of the devices were reported as being used exclusively for business purposes, according to the tax documents.

Of course, there’s still the wee tiny issue of privately (and illegally) hiring a State Department employee to moonlight on, and apparently the GOP is considering giving Bryan Pagliano immunity from prosecution in order to force him to testify before Congress.

But I get the feeling Pagliano would rather face contempt charges than cross the Clintons, don’t you?