Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

Karen Zosel has left her post as executive director of Get Covered Illinois, the state ♡bamaCare!!! exchange:

Zosel was not fired or asked to leave, said Alissandra Calderon, spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Insurance.

“Karin Zosel has been instrumental in leading Get Covered Illinois for the past six months,” Calderon said in a statement. “We appreciate her leadership throughout her time with Get Covered Illinois and wish her well in her new endeavor.”

Zosel declined to say why she left her state post after five months. During that time, she was paid $49,218.25.


This one doesn’t quite rate as a fail, but it made my nose twitch enough to add her name to a Google Alert.

You get the feeling there’s more to this story, too?


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