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Kentucky resident William Merideth did what any red-blooded American has the right to do, and took a shotgun to a drone in his yard:

It was just right there,” he told Ars. “It was hovering, I would never have shot it if it was flying. When he came down with a video camera right over my back deck, that’s not going to work. I know they’re neat little vehicles, but one of those uses shouldn’t be flying into people’s yards and videotaping.”

Minutes later, a car full of four men that he didn’t recognize rolled up, “looking for a fight.”

“Are you the son of a bitch that shot my drone?” one said, according to Merideth.

His terse reply to the men, while wearing a 10mm Glock holstered on his hip: “If you cross that sidewalk onto my property, there’s going to be another shooting.”

The men backed down, retreated to their car, and waited for the police to arrive.

“His only comment was that he hoped I had a big checkbook because his drone cost $1,800,” Merideth added.


Merideth shouldn’t be forced to pay. That device was “on” his property without permission, and with no identification other than the carful of men who showed up to claim the wreckage.


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