Kim Jong-un: Man of Peace

Applaud the Dear Leader's peace prize -- or else. (AP photo)

Applaud the Dear Leader’s peace prize — or else.
(AP photo)

Um… I don’t think this is doing peace prizing right:

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a champion against neo-colonialism and imperialism, according to an Indonesian award-giving body recognising world peace proponents. The Bali-based Sukarno Centre will be awarding the supreme leader of the reclusive Asian nation its annual prize for global statesmanship.

According to Jakarta Globe, Un was chosen to receive the prestigious award following a meeting between Rachmawati Soekarnoputri, the daughter of the first president of Indonesia, whom the award was named after, and Ri Jong Ryui, North Korea’s ambassador to Jakarta.

As a recipient of the Sukarno Prize, Un will join the likes of the late civil rights champion Mahatma Gandhi and Myanmar political dissident Aung San Suu Kyi. The award is typically given to world leaders as recognition of their contributions to world peace and development.


Execution-by-antiaircraft-gun doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker, which is nice for Kim.

It’s undeniably clear that most of the people in important political or institutional roles anywhere in the world are idiots, cronies, grifters, or all three.


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