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Ashe Schow:

Not content to redefine consent to mean asking permission before every step of the sexual process, California is now on the path to teaching high school students the proper way to have sex — because human nature is now wrong.


Read the whole thing, but before you do I’d like to make one tiny correction to Ashe’s lede.

There’s no “now” about this. Going back to least to Marx & Engels, but probably to the French Revolution, the totalitarian Left has always believed that human nature is “wrong” and needs to be corrected.

Corrected by the guillotine, if necessary. More modern corrective measures have included planned starvations and Zyklon B.

That’s not to say murder, mass or otherwise, is the Left’s only method. Most measures are educational-cultural efforts like the New Soviet Man and the Left’s “long march” through America’s institutions. The modern Left would find itself right at home in Plato’s Republic, where the family was to be destroyed so that a perfect state might raise your children. Right now, some in Australia are arguing for nearly that or even exactly that.

The square pegs must be made to fit because… because they are “wrong.”

I was going to finish with something clever about Hillary Clinton and “it takes a village” and all that, but I’ll give the last word to Captain Malcolm Reynolds instead.

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