Promises, Promises

Something smells funny. (AP photo)

Something smells funny.
(AP photo)

Presidential “candidate” Hillary Clinton, who belongs in jail, goes back to “campaigning” in Iowa:

Clinton, who kicked off her campaign a month ago and then spent three days in Iowa, is returning to hail her team’s grassroots organization in the early caucus state, and to describe her vision for a U.S. economy that relies on small entrepreneurs to create jobs.

On Monday, she’ll meet grassroots organizers at the home of a supporter in Mason City, Iowa, and on Tuesday she’ll participate in a roundtable discussion with community lenders and business representatives in Cedar Falls. That discussion is to take place at Bike Tech, a bicycle and sports shop that outgrew its location on Main Street this year and moved to larger quarters in a vintage former post office a few streets away.

“I want to be the president for small business,” Clinton declared May 5 while speaking during a similar roundtable at a library in Nevada.


Sure. Lots of small businesses can pony up $200,000 to get an hour of Clinton’s time.



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