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Still MIA after eight days. (AP photo)

Still MIA after eight days.
(AP photo)

The first comes from Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Reader™ Faceless Commenter, concerning Hillary’s exit from State and the OF-109 form:


Well, we now know that she didn’t [sign it]. Neither did Rice or Powell according to Psaki.

If all this is true, it opens up a whole new raft of questions.

First, Rice and Powell should both be asked for confirmation. They should also be asked for explanations.

Second, what the hell? Do lower-level employees have to sign these things, but not the boss? Is that how State is run? Sounds like a chaotic, scofflaw department where the boss is above the law and it takes weeks to determine that they don’t have a piece of paper that an employee is “required” to sign on pain of . . . nothing.

So did Hillary enter a chaotic, scofflaw department and leave it in the same or worse shape than she found it? That’s how she executes? That’s Hillary being an aggressive problem-solver?

Fourth, will TMZ or someone please give her the “Kenneth, what is the frequency?” treatment with a blank OF-109 asking her to sign it on the spot? Really, everywhere she goes she should be showered with blank OF-109s and people yelling “SIGN!”

This isn’t a partisan thing; stick around Washington long enough and you will at some point decide you’re Just Too Important to be bothered with little things like the United States Code. If we’re ever going to right this ship, then we’re going to have to do the difficult work of putting some Grand Poobahs behind bars. And we’re going to have to keep doing it, too — even Watergate didn’t drive the point home for very long, did it?


Along similar lines comes this important reminder from another Longtime Sharp VodkaPundit Reader™, RBJ:

Martha Stewart went to jail for changing a phone record, which she subsequently changed back. As a private citizen. And not convicted of the underlying insider trading charge.

What Clinton did — 30,000 times — is a far worse offense than Stewart’s, put our national security at risk, and was a blatant attempt by Clinton to put herself completely outside the reach of the law.

She belongs behind bars.


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