Your ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day

What is it about the Pacific Northwest? First, Oregon couldn’t build a functioning website, and now this item from Washington State:

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange call center in Spokane is so busy that staffing has been quadrupled, with the center receiving up to 10,000 calls a day. The problem is not enough of those callers are actually signing up for insurance.

The state has enrolled 160,000 paying customers in ObamaCare exchange health plans but that’s more than 50,000 short of goal, which has led to an extension of the enrollment deadline and a request that the Washington State Legislature fork over $125 million to fund the exchange.

Republicans are angry because they were told the exchange would be self-sufficient by the end of this year.


A lot of people were told a lot of things about ♡bamaCare!!!, but very few of them were true.


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