Coolest. Bookmobile. Ever.


You’ll want to watch the video at the link, but here’s the summary:

“I don’t do it for money. I don’t do it for fame. I just do this because I have fun doing it.” Argentine artist Raul Lemesoff is one of those infectious personalities that you wish you could be around all the time—a big-hearted loon who may be less crazy than he really lets on.

In this video, which will make your day, I promise, you see Lemesoff’s “Weapon of Mass Instruction,” a Ford Falcon-based “tank” that’s armored with free books that he distributes, gratis, to people in and around Buenos Aires.

He’s happy. The folks receiving books are happy. And frankly, you’ll be happy too after spending four minutes with him in the video below. Because this guy and his contraption are the best.

It’s a great story, but becomes sad on reflecting what would happen to Lemesoff he he tried this here, in the Land of the Free. First he’d face fines, shutdown, and may-be worse for operating a bookmobile without a license. Then he’d have the Left atwitter for operating an evil army vehicle and inciting children to imaginary violence. Honestly, they’d ruin his life for making people happy.

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