Overseas Misfire in the War on Drugs

On the off chance you thought Zero Tolerance lunacy was limited to this country, here’s the heartwarming story of a 26-year-old American woman now sitting in a Japanese jail after her mother sent over her Adderall prescription:

Carrie Russell, a graduate from Western Oregon University, was reportedly diagnosed with attention deficit disorder at age 7. She is now jailed outside of Nagoya after her friends witnessed five plain-clothed police officers arrest her Feb. 20 at a restaurant in Tokyo, nearly 300 miles away, the Oregonianreported.

Her adoptive parents, John and Jill Russell, learned of the arrest the next day from their daughter’s friends. It took U.S. diplomats 24 hours to locate her, because the National Police Agency hadn’t notified the embassy of her arrest, a step typically taken when Japanese police detain an American, the Oregonian reported.

I hope this gets cleared up quickly and Russell is released, maybe even gets an apology. But the Drug War makes these things inevitable.