Lame Duck is Lame

A big majority of Congressional Democrats would rather be seen with Benjamin Netanyahu than be seen going along with President Obama’s plan to boycott his speech:


Despite two weeks of intense anti-Netanyahu leaks, insults, and pressure, the White House has so far succeeded in persuading only a handful of Democratic members of Congress to stay away from the speech.

A grand total of two Senators and 12 Representatives have publicly announced that they are boycotting Israel’s prime minister. Assuming that those figures change only marginally in the days ahead, it will mean that 98% of the Senate and 95% of the House of Representatives will be in attendance.

A President not so assured of his own infallibility would have made a few private calls to his friends on Capitol Hill, to get a sense of how many would be willing to follow his lead, before trying very publicly to get them to do so.

But President Look At Me Looking At Me has never been constrained by such considerations, and has never had any real friends on Capitol Hill.

I hope Bibi is steeping in schadenfreude today.


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