Tea Envy


Over at Salon, Bill Curry argues that the progressive left needs a Tea Party of its own:

As it is now organized and led, the Democratic Party is a corrupt and empty husk of an institution. But for all its patent defects I believe it offers the most direct path to progressive governance. The obvious model is the Tea Party which in six years scaled Republican walls and gained sway over federal and state government. What progressive does not envy it? And yet there’s been no effort to challenge the worst Wall Street Democrats in primaries or even to withhold support in general elections; no attempt to create an agenda or even the public face of a movement.

What Curry fails to recognize is that the progressives already have their own Tea Party — they really do. Or did. It was called “Occupy Wall Street” and was astroturf “movement” of the least desirable, least productive, and most screechingly entitled elements of the modern left.

How’d that work out for ya?