Show Jeb the Money

Hugh Hewitt:

In the money sweepstakes, Bush is out to an early lead. Sitting in for me on my show Friday, “Hot Air”‘s Ed Morrissey asked “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd about the race for big donors now on between Bush and New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

“I think Christie’s going to be on the losing end of this,” Todd told Morrissey.

“I mean, look, Jeb Bush basically is the number one fundraiser, right now, will end up being the number one big fundraiser in Texas, the number one big fundraiser in Florida, the number one big fundraiser in California, and he might end up being the number one guy even in Wall Street in New York, because remember, a sitting governor has to be careful who he raises money from on Wall Street,” Todd added. “It’s a big, it’s a little bit of an arcane issue, but there’s a lot of issues there with sitting governors when it comes to raising Wall Street money.”


Bush is a former governor who hasn’t run a race since 2002, and he may already be sewing up the money for 2016? The GOP is finally developing a deep bench, and one candidate of moderate distinction, but with a an old family name, threatens to suck up all the oxygen.

That’s not America as I understand it.


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